Learning How To Bend Wood Using A Steam Cleaner | Woodworking

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they ever wanna welcome back to which

option keys in this video I am going to

try and get this piece of wood using

steam now this is something I haven't

done before to do it I need a steam box

which is essentially a enclosure in

which I would put my stock subjected to

steam allow the steam to penetrate the

width ie to loosen up the fibers and

place the the the navigable piece of

wood in a jig and allowed to cool off

and hopefully end up with a piece of

paint wood for whatever reason I would

need and would like I said I don't have

a steam box so I'm going to have to

improvise I'm going to use a piece of

200 more PVC pipe to save time capital

of snowboard caps use these pipe

fittings with flanges on them also

store-bought attached pipe and use the

steel drum to generate the steam by just

putting water in it and applying a heat

source so I'm going to get cracking on

assembling the steam steam box and

hopefully been some wood

okay so now to quote my pops it up I'm

going to blank off the one side with

this cap the other cap I drilled the

hole in I'm going to attach this flange

or pipe fitting there to attach my pipe

with the hose clamp to the lid that's

gonna go on the steel dome when it

touched the other one drill of all day

as well and then be able to transport

the steam from my steam generator to my

steam box

okay so the steam box is basically

finished except for a few minor details

I am at this stage going to put water

into the the new bucket and add the eat

sauce I'm going to use file but you can

use a hot plate or a gas burning

anything along those lines while they

would the water is heating up I'll be

adding some of the finishing touches and

going through that and then put in the

wooden 5/8


all the waters eating up there's only

two things left to do which is add data

to the cross section of the pipe to

allow me to put my stock on top of it so

the steam would reach right around the

the piece of wood and then add a drain

and oh I read the plug for the steam to

release well if they you don't have a

drain plug or a breather plug your steam

pressure could build up and cause the

paradox which is very important so you

need to add it a way to release the


okay so the water is just about to start

boiling so I'm ready to start closing up

and put in my piece of wood that I want

to try and bit


so this is the piece of wood I'm going

to try and Ben today are pre-soaked it

it's a soft wood so I've only added in

woods for a couple of hours one thing

that's important to note

try and use a piece of wood with the

grain running along the wood for the

most part and not grains exiting the

piece of wood because that becomes a

weak point when you bend the wood way

that the wood can break was split this

wood is about a inch thick and the

general rule is an hour of steaming on

an inch of wood this is soft wood so it

should be a bit quicker but we're gonna

leave it in for an hour and see see what


okay so we are about 30 minutes into the

steaming process there's a good amount

of water building up inside the pipe

that gets released through the pressure

release hall and obviously also this

theme so the the hole is very very

important to ensure that the pipe does

not explode as steam can generate a good

amount of pressure okay great so my

small makeshift jig is finished I'm not

really bending the wood for anything

specific so I'm just going to try and

get a curve on it ideally I would want

to support the entire length of the the

wood I'm trying to paint by taking a

solid piece of wood and cutting the

curve I need from with a bandsaw but for

now this will do if I manage to bend the

wood and I'm happy with the result I

will design a project that requires

curved wood and post the video on that

but for now this will do I've got about

ten minutes left before I can take the

wood out of the tea box we'll put it in

the jig and see how it turns up

all right so we've got the piece of wood

clamped on object I'm just going to

leave it to cool down and then we can

take it out and hopefully it doesn't

spring back okay so I took the piece of

wood out of the jig after about an hour

and as you can see it is it spins and

it's staying bent there's no cracks or

anything like that on the wood I did

spring back a little bit when I took it

out should have I should have probably

left it in a bit longer but at least I

know my steam pipe works so I can now

get on designing a project or something

in which I wouldn't require curved wood

oh decent or proper jigs maybe try

sharper bends different profiles and

take it from there I'll post a video on

that if I do it and that's about it

if you have anything to add or have any

questions leave it in the comment

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