How To: Put In & Take Out an "L" Shaped Nose Stud.

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hey everybody and welcome back to my

channel today I have another piercing

related video for you guys and it is all

about how to change your nose piercing

from or how to take in and put in and

take out an l-shape nose ring if you

don't know what that is I do have a

couple and I'm just gonna be kind of

showing you what what the differences

are what I have in my nose right now is

a nose hoop if you want to know how to

put in and take out a nose hoop I will

have that video linked down below for

you for those of you who want to know

how to do that so you can go ahead and

go and check that out so some of you are

probably wondering you know what is an L

shaped nose ring or things like that and

it is this one right here it just looks

like this as you can see it has an L

shape to it when usually when you do buy

these nose rings they usually come like

this so they usually come straight so

they usually come straight and then you

bend them according to your nose size so

sometimes they're called L shape or nose

or fishtail nose rings so they usually

come in like a straight size and then

you can bend them accordingly

so this is the one I'm going to be

putting in for you guys are showing you

how to put in and hopefully you can see

that okay but it is just a little

lightning bolt stud if you want to know

where to get this nose stud I will have

the link linked below where to where you

can go and pick up this little nose stud

right here but again it's just L shape

which just looks like that so and a lot

of you are wondering is that what a

corkscrew looks like no I do have one


nose ring and I got it the second time I

got my nose pierced because the first

time I got it pierced and then my nose

ring fell out one night and it closed up

so I had to go and get it redone and

when I went and got it redone they gave

me a quark screw corkscrew is something

I will never put in my nose so please

don't ask me to make a video on how to

put in it I will never use course your

nose rings

I think they hurt and I think they're

just I just I hate them but this is what

a corkscrew nose ring looks like it has

like a long little tail right here and

then it kind of like

curves awkwardly in a few different

angles so this is what a corkscrew nose

ring looks like I have one I don't know

why I have it because I will never put

this one in again they're just really

hard and kind of painful to put in so

that's what a corkscrew one looks like

the good thing about corkscrew nose

rings is they will never fall out on you

because of all the little twists and

turns that they have so that is the only

good thing about them other than that I

feel like they're hard to put in and

take out and I think they hurt so you

know it's totally up to you but this is

what a corkscrew one looks like but I'm

going to be showing you how to put in an

L shaped nose ring so let's go ahead and

get started so the first thing is first

is you're definitely going to want to

wash your hands really good just to get

any bacteria off make sure you have some

sea salt solution with you or h2o Chanel

insert a picture

you can get h2 ocean on Amazon for like

seven to ten dollars it's really not a

big deal and I my own personal opinion

is that h2 ocean is the best for nose

piercings just because it's really

convenient you just hold a cotton ball

and just spray your nose piercing with

h2 ocean and all will be just fine

another thing is to launch your jewelry

really go with antibacterial soap I of

course always recommend the probe on

antimicrobial lotion soap again you can

get this from Amazon for around five to

eight dollars I want to say as you can

see I am running low so I do need to

pick up some more eventually but I swear

by this stuff it's amazing for piercings

and it's just it's great so make sure

you wash your hands have some sea salt

solution ready wash your new jewelry

with the probe on soap and what I like

to have is either h2 ocean or a wet

cotton ball just to kind of wipe off any

makeup and to kinda you know kind of

lube up the area to make application

easier so let's go ahead and get started

okay so the first thing is I'm just

gonna take out to my nose hoop because

I'm going to be showing you how to put

in an l-shape but how to the nose hoop

video will be linked down below if you

want to know how to do that as well okay

so to put in an l-shape as you can see

there is a divot right here so what you

need to do is you need to first put that

in your nose and once you have it kind

of in your nose I like to take my index

finger and put it inside my nose and

then I like to poke around and then once

I start to feel the nose ring I know I

found it through both the outside hole

and the inside hole so once you put that

one straight part in you're gonna want

to push upward like so and then push in

so then you have the nose stud in so

that is how you put it in you just kind

of want to put it in the straight way

and then push upward so it's down I

don't know if you can see but there it

is on the inside of my nose yeah so

that's what it looks like on the inside

of my nose just laying up against there

so great now you

that's how you're gonna know set and

hopefully that was clear enough for you

once it is in it is good to clean it

especially if this is around your first

time doing it

just take your sea salt solution a

cotton swab and just kind of you know

clean around the area really really good

get around the inside as well just kind

of go around like so

I do have makeup on so again a lot of my

makeup is going to be coming off so yeah

there you go so now that you have it in

it should stay pretty secure and then it

should be flat up against your nose all

time sometimes they do have a tendency

to fall out if that's the case what I

like to do is I like to go inside and

kind of pinch it tighter it's up to you

though whether or not you want to do it

it doesn't make it any more difficult to

come out either so that's just how you

do that and then when you want to take

it out again wash your hands and you

know wash to the jewelry that you're

going to be putting in but once you do

all of that you just push outward like

that so you have the no stud then you're

gonna want to pull and then pull and

then once you pull it outward pull it

down so then it's just hanging out of

your nose like this and then you just

grab it and pull it out so that is how

you take out a nose thing so I'll just

do it again really quick for you guys so

to put it in just put it in feel around

its in then push upward then it's in

again to take it out push grab pull down

and then pull out like that so that is

how you take it in and pull out in

l-shape nose ring everybody thank you so

much for watching I really hope you guys

enjoyed this video and I hope it was

helpful and I hope everything was easy

to see I'm hoping I was in focused that

whole time again I want to apologize I

did notice this in the mirror my skin is

looking a little rough I'm sorry for

that if it looks really dry and crap

it is wintertime here so yeah my skin is

just not looking the best so I'm sorry

you had to get all up and personal with

all that stuff so again thank you guys

so much for watching I hope it was

helpful if you guys have any other

further questions please leave me a

question down below make sure to always

check the description box for links and

all this you know all that other

important stuff so yeah again thank you

for watching if this helped you and you

enjoyed it please give me a thumbs up I

would really appreciate it but until

that I will see you guys very soon in my

next video bye guys