Pinewood Derby Secrets Part 3 - Axle Bending

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so we've now gone over straightening our

axles polishing the axle we've gone over

coning the head and rounding out the

outside head of the axle so the last

thing we're gonna cover it's very very

important that you do this at the end of

the process make sure that you're polish

down to 3000 grit that you've buffed

this out with some some graphite that

everything else about this axle is done

and finished this is a very very last

step that you're going to do we're gonna

go back to our dye and I'm using the

flat side of the dye to pull that head

in now this is a secondary or an

accessory piece this is an axle bender

when you look at this piece there's

usually two engravings one side says 2.5

the other side says 1.5 those are degree

marks for either two and a half degrees

or one and a half degrees that you want

to try to bend the axles I generally

find that a lower bend the one and a

half is more than enough to get my

wheels to ride on the outside of my my

axles like I want so the way this works

I'm setting it on the 1.5 side and I

want to make sure that my head of my

nail is completely clear this if you put

the head all the way up when we set it

there's a good chance that we'll break

the heads off of the nails and I've done

that a couple times so I set that right

where I where I want it I've got the

nail seated in the groove then that

whole assembly I'm going to take back

down to my floor and this really doesn't

take a lot of force I tend to go with

smaller lighter hits and do more of them

until and you'll be able to feel it

because it's it's not a lot but you'll

be able to feel that die kinda drop down

and seat and when that's done we now

have a bent axle now before I take it

out of the jig the last thing that I

want to do and it's very important is I

want to mark where up is on that head of

that nail now that's going to help me

orient it when I go to put it into the

car that I know which direction up is in

my bend I have a little pair of axle

pliers that allow me to twist or turn

that if you don't have a set of those

it's a very very good investment to have

I'll show you what those look like in a

later video so that's it now you'll

notice just barely that you can see a

bit of a bend in that axle so what that

allows us to do when it goes in our car

is our car our wheels instead of being

straight up and down they're actually

gonna can't out a little bit and that

means as the as the car runs the tires

actually going to be sucked to the top

of the axle which means our friction is

going to be right here around our

polished axle head and the polished

inside hub of our wheels rather than

having the wheel rub against the inside

of the car so this is just a stock wheel

there's no lubrication there's no axles

there's no nothing in this yet and we

should be able to get at least about a

10 second run out of that without any

lubrication I think that's looking

pretty good

now when we finish up I'll go ahead and

I'll pack these axle hubs full of

graphite we'll go ahead and we'll polish

the inside of the plastic wheels with

graphite I'll cover how to do that in a

later video and we should be able to

spin that and get about a 20 second

count by the time we're done that's

that's what I shoot for if we can hit 20

seconds on a free spin you know we've

got very very little friction in

not have a subway