How to Shape Pipe: Rolling vs. Bending - Kevin Caron

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hey Kevin what are you doing

bending fight

to earlier video that I've been using my

pipe bender but one of the things I

wanted to get especially for this new

commission i've been working on is a

pipe roller so I thought I'd show you

guys the difference so so this is my

pipe bender it's got a set of shoes

inside the fit the curb of the pipe

itself and then down inside here see

this is the big this is the big shoe

that fits the actual curve of the pipe

now this one you want it to fit really

nice no snug on the sides of the pipe if

you use one that's too big if you use a

shoe that's too wide what happens is

then the pipe will flatten and if you

bend it farther

it will kink but this way the sides of

the shoe actually hold the pipe in and

help keep it round and help it to bend

but one of the drawbacks that I found to

using this kind of machine for doing

long curves is that it gets kinky you

get little you get a bend in a little

straight section and a bend and a little

straight section you know it's really

really hard to get a nice smooth curve

to it

yeah let me let me bend this a little

and I'll show you some of the pipe in

there of course you just got a Boston

Boston Pops to finally get the shoe to

come up and hit against to die or hit

against the pipe and pipe against the

upper folder

this is a 12-ton hydraulic cab I

actually cut a little bit bigger so hit

a new very nice job on a single bed I

just ran that through and I bent it in

three different places moving it you

know maybe an inch at a time just

shoveling you shuffling it through just

a little bit just trying to get a smooth

curve out of there and you see it

started to flatten out a little bit

right here on the top but then if you

look in here see this is what I was

trying to not have is all these little

ridges these little bumps and that's

where when you're bending the pipe

what's happening is on the top is

starting to stretch but on the bottom

it's starting to compress so you get

these little ridges these little

pressure ridges you're just like in snow

or in ice and ice packs together don't

you get these little bumps so a roller

piper roller actually does a much better

job at this so come on over here let me

show you this machine till you see this

is a pipe or older got the same sort of

shoe arrangement or die arrangement if

you will with ball bearings inside so it

rolls really smooth it's got one that's

fixed at the top it's fixed to the shaft

and so it turns with wheel this is why

you feed it through this one at the top

adjusts up and down with just a wrench

so you can add pressure to it pushing

down in the middle between the two

strollers and that's how you get your

curve let me put this pipe in and I'll

show you

I think he doesn't remember what this is

you can't get too big hurt because it's

all be done manually you know you're

going to have to go slow with your push

down don't don't put a you know a six

foot breaker bar on it and just try to

crank that thing down because you'll

never be able to turn the roller turn

the feed roller to get the pipe to go

through you can't bend it that quickly

so how much he's dropping that upper

roller at a time

well I'm going go probably well a

sixteenth of a turn there maybe an

eighth of a turn yeah women however much

I can get on there which is this short

little wrench you know if I don't want

to try to force it through I just want

to Knesset through if you will

so now you can see this is starting to

bend already just know a few passes

three four five passes through there put

on yo eighth of a term on the on the

wrench at a time you saw if I did if I

kept going and you know about anything a

turn at a time on the feed yellow and

just turning the feet wheel to run it

back and forth through there just taking

my time you slow and easy working at it

you know you can get that nice curve

going but you wouldn't get the bumps in

there because you're basically rolling

those out as you're going along

you know the pipe actually gets a little

bit longer as you're doing this it's you

know sometimes depending on the bands

you're making because you got to take

this excess metal so it's got to go

someplace dope so it gets a little

longer inside them so that's a roller

versus a bender and this is a great

exercise machine also works a lot on

your arms where'd you get a cab oh this

is from Harbor Freight you know a just

wanted to cheat these over there they

actually come much bigger they come with

you know editor with a with motors on

them because you just push a button they

come hydraulically you know there's many

many different kinds different sizes

different types out there now this is

the one I could get the fastest for

working on this little project I'm

making and it's small enough that I can

you know take it off of this stand

you'll collapse it down a little bit

nice and store it in the tool room where

it's out of the way till I need it the

next time rather than you know a big

multi thousand dollar machine it's going

to take up a bunch of floor space and I

may only use two or three times a year

so I hope that answers your question I'm

going to go back to what I'm doing see

you next time