How I bend rod and make rings.

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okay everybody I also had a request

about bending rod bending rod into rings

or bending rod like this one also was

bent into a ring if you make like a

spring like just wrap it around

something you can just cut it and cut

and cut in the cut and then you can take

each loop you know put it in the vise

straighten them out and weld them

together and come up with rings of any

size I find that I need rings just about

everything I do whether I'm making a

wine rack or the wine glass holder also

I showed you that anchor that had the

twisted rod this is two pieces of

quarter inch rod that I twisted together

this was a little tricky because as you

twisted it wants to get all like

squirrelly so I actually welded two

pieces together

I guess about six foot lengths and I put

clamps on them and pull them tight on

the frame machine at work that's an

Autobody frame machine so I just kept it

tight as I spun them and that actually

worked out really cool but you know

where there's a will is away it's just I

always say that sculptures or metal art

is a series of challenges that you just

keep overcoming until you get to where

you want to be this is a helpful tool

that I made when it comes to bending rod

I put it in the vise it's just two rods

too heavy or heavier rods and I weld

them together and I put them in the vise

and as they're in the vise I'll just

take the piece of rod stick it in there

and I'll just work it work it and bend

it and you know I'll make like a loop or

you know usually I'll do that when I'm

forming like my pictures like that that

shelf a little burning stove see like

kind of like this piece here I mean

that's just playing around with scraps

but it kind of gives you the idea then

when you weld it together

you know obviously it becomes a grill or

a picture or you know depending on how

tight or wide you make them you know I

always I save a lot of things if you

look over here this is just like a scrap

pile of things I haven't used stuff you

never know well you know where you're

going to find something I'll never

forget one time I had to make a fish lip

and I was really stumped so I said let

me clean up the shop and I'm thinking

about this thing and as I swept the

floor I came across a little piece of

metal that actually fit as the lip and

that I was able to continue on so you

never know where you're going to find


so what we're going to do right now is

take this rod and we're going to bend it

into a loop around the piece of PVC pipe

okay I have this piece of PVC pipe that

you see I drilled a hole in and you can

see it's got marks on it from wrapping

rods around it it's a pretty good size I

guess like a four inch pipe we're going

to put it in the vise we're going to

stick that rod in there and we're going

to wrap it around okay so here's the

hole is the rhyme stick it in there and

you want to want to keep it tight keep

it close now right in the beginning it's

going to be a waste but right here it's

going to start to actually be a circle

now you can't get it off so I'm going to

have to cut that

now you see we have the Rings so what

we'll do now is I'm going to cut and

then cut we'll probably end up with two

rings out of this

okay hey you see we have the Rings so I

would just put them in the vise line

them up tap them a little bit with the

hammer and then we'll have drinks

whether you're going to use them for a

wine rack or whatever you want to use

okay we're in the vise

we got them lined up

and I'm going to weld them

I can see they're pretty

pretty lined up

when I well I always like to leave a

space in between leave room for the weld

otherwise you're going to just lump it

up on the outside and inside it won't

actually be attached

they have your rain

one other thing I talked about was this

piece of metal that I welded together

and it's I use it for bending rods so

what I'll do is I'll just stick this

right through there and I'll just kind

of Bend and push and Bend until you know

I get the desired shape I'm looking for

you know whatever whatever I'm doing

when you looked at my pictures of the

wine glasses and stuff like that all of

that was done in there you just bend it

and then you lay it on the floor and you

know see if you like the shape so I'll

take the rod and I'll just keep bending

into whatever shape I'm looking for a

lot of times I'll make a big drawing on

a big piece of cardboard and I'll just

make the rods fit the drawing just like

a puzzle and then tacked it together and

sometimes you need to bang it down a

little flatter but it's all good and you

know just keep playing with it I'm sure

you'll have a lot of fun I hope this

video answers a lot of questions and you

know get you thinking you know because

no matter what it is it's a challenge

and you got to overcome it to get to the

next step you can take a drawing like

this and turn it into a piece like that

you can make the wine glass holder

there's rings and bending everywhere

beautiful pictures like that or even a

wine rack like this one here so I hope

you guys enjoyed my video and looks