bending flshing without a brake

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well we had a real storm around here and

some flashing from my sister's our

cottage I came off the window casings

outside she has a vinyl siding but of

course the they put an aluminum flashing

I'm on the sills on the casings on the

outside this is um a replacement that I

made and I'm about to make another one

except this is for this is for a piece

that came off on the eaves of the house

so I don't have a break but with a

little ingenuity I'm hoping to

compensate for just a small trunk love

to have a break and I would if I did

this all the time but I don't so I want

this to be two and a half inches and

what I've done is taken two two by sixes

one of the knees here is one on top and

I put them through the jointer to get a

nice square edge and now I'm going to

clamp them to the bench and do some


I found it's a good idea to give the top

two by six all the one year you're

bending it on a little bit of an

overbite so the bottom of this recess

probably is sixteenth of an inch I'm

also going to put a clamp in the middle

because yes these two by sixes are quite

straight but when I do clamp them

there's a little bit of play in center

so I want to reduce that as much as

possible okay now the first thing to do

is to score this now I score it once or

twice but you've got to be careful

because if you score it too hard or too

many times when you go to bend it it

actually breaks this is standard

aluminum flashing that like you you know

fight at the big box so this one comes

from Lowe's it's brown on this side and

it's white on the other side and the

white side is what I'm after so I'm

going to go right up here against this

and put a nice one more time

okay now let's see here going to start

off with a bend

using my hands if this were a break we

have a metal piece along the edge and

flip a handle up and it would Bend the

whole thing at once so I'm going to be

careful you don't get a whole bunch of

little wavy pock marks and using a

hammer will do that what I'm doing is

I'm using a hard rubber mallet try to

bring that edge up to about 90 degrees

can you do that by hitting the edge not

not all the way not all the way out but

right on the where the seam is okay

stick the clamps off

by 6:00

we've got a pretty nice looks pretty

good for a handmade