How to bend flat steel bar

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it's often difficult bending steel

without the correct equipment this is a

piece of five millimeter by 25

millimeter steel bar as you can see it

is painted on one side because it is

actually a piece of scrap metal I'm

actually going to use this in another

project that I'm making so I need to

actually bend it at 90 degrees if you've

got much thicker than this you're gonna

have to eat it off before you actually

bend it what we're going to call Bend

this and put a 90 degree Bend on it

so I'm going to use the square I'm going

to push that to where I want the actual

Bend to be I'm going to take a scrubber

and scribe a line across there it's

quite easy to see this because it is

painted so now we have a perfectly

square line where we need to bend the

metal when I'm going to put this in the

vise we need to align our lay on a piece

of metal so that it is dead aligned with

the top of the jar on the vise and then

we need to tighten all device it needs

to be very tight when I'm going to take

a long time and we're going to into the

piece of metal that will Bend it on that

line or somewhere around that area

now that looks about 90 degrees so I'll

just tear that out check out with the

square you'll see that that is bent to

90 degrees so that's how to bend it

without eating it up of course you need

a good vise and a good bench to do it

and also an idiot hammer