How to Bend Thick Metal Without Traditional Tools - Kevin Caron

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Wow client gentleman was here visiting

the other day pops out of North Carolina

and he emailed me after he got home and

he said hey let me share something with

you because I don't have all these thing

all this fancy equipment like you do and

he said I wanted to bend the railroad

spike and this is what I did to get the

job done so his suggestion is really

probably one of the simplest things I've

ever seen I mean I learned this back

when I was in high school you've got

something big and heavy and solid and

you can't bend it you don't have any

machinery to bend it with one way to get

around it is to just go ahead and cut

slices in it not quite all the way

through don't cut it in two that's


depending on how close you space your

slices in here will give you a smoother

curve closer they are smoother the curb

is and it's easy to cut really just by

four and a half inch angle grinder and a

cut-off wheel on it just clamp it in the

vise don't be real careful brace

yourself and just do your slices do your

cuts along there depending on how you

want to how you want it to how you want

it to bend

yeah have your safety equipment on

so you can see a hammer is one way you

know you start on you start on the side

that's got to salt an edge on it no you

don't want to you don't want to bend it

where you cut it that'll open the cuts

up so come to the opposite side tap it

over close those cuts up so of course

once you get this bend over and all

these you know these outside edges touch

if you want to bend it more it's real

simple you just come back and just when

you're your angle grinder just hit that

outside edge where it's touching open

that area up a little

don't go all the way back inside just

get that outside edge you can also just

do it with a crescent wrench and what

you could do this with like a railroad

spike go a solid spot you know solid

broad you know square stock you know

round stock whatever anything that's too

big is like put over your knee then all

you're going to do is come back and just

weld everything back up grind it all

back down again you got plenty of little

curves and twists and turns in there so

pops great tip thanks for sharing I hope

that points a couple year in the right

direction if you're contemplating

bending something really big and heavy

so before you run off make sure you

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button for me and I'll see you next time