Quick Tips - Bending Sheet Metal

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and now quick tip sponsored by e3 when

no ordinary spark plug will do you know

if you work on cars and trucks long

enough eventually you're gonna have to

bend some sheet metal to repair a fender

or build a bracket or whatever and the

best way to do that is with a sheet

metal break but what if you don't have a

sheet metal break or the money to buy

what well you can still bend metal like

this as long as you have a bench vise

and a couple scrap pieces of 2x4 here's

how to do it all you have to do is take

your two by fours slide them into the

vise then take your sheet metal slide it

down between the two by fours lining up

your Bend line keep everything straight

then when you're ready just take your

thumbs and using slow even pressure bend

the metal then just take it out and

finish off the band with your fingers

and that's it that's all there is to it

what you end up with is a bend that is

just as good as something you would have

done with a sheet metal break and that

goes to show you that sometimes the best

tools are just laying on the floor in

front of you now if you'd like to learn

some more tips about how to make your

life easier in the shop check out the

tips page on the website