Quick MDF Kerfing Tutorial

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hey everybody so this is a quick video

on how to do kerfing really quick so I

got this long board here that we're

working on and basically what kerfing

you do is you take the saw blade and you

don't cut all the way through and this

allows so that you can actually bend the

wood so yeah and so basically if you

want to do 180 degree Bend then you do

24 lines if you want to do a 90 degree

Bend then you do 12 lines so what I did

here this is actually fifteen point five

inches so I just did 15 point 5 divided

by 11 to account for the two outer lines

I gave me about 1.4 and so if you come

in here you can't see that well but ever

right about 1.4 there you go so then I

just did each one going across about 1.4

and that will give me twelve lines and

after that I'll just you know make my

lines like that and then go over to the

table saw and cut all the lines and so

what you get is like this board I have

finish right here once you do all the

cuts OH

this is for my tea line in building you

can see here Chris document homeless

like yeah so

you can see here that it will actually

Bend the full 90 degrees which is

exactly what we want it to do

so other than that it should be pretty

simple hopefully you guys can learn how

to do you know do some kerfing and

you're in your guyses box designs

because i don't know i think it's a

really cool technique and a lot of fun

though these boards are really easy to

break if you bend them the wrong way I

don't really want to break this one this

is actually the test one I did for

seeing the thickness or how deep to do

the cut that's always good but yeah so

do kerfing and then when you put it in

your box you just gotta

with wood blue and then I put it in

place and let it dry and then I'll do

fiberglass over that and then sand it

down and the new bondo and sand that

down and then you should have a really

strong curved piece of wood look at that

so yeah try kerfing it's a lot of fun

see you next time