Bending M.D.F. How To Form A Curve

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mdf doesn't want to bend so this is the

ad you want to keep clean this will be

the face edge I'll just turn it this way

up and then with a pen or pencil just

mark a line all the way down my edge

if the curve starts here then make a

mark on to the flat beyond with a curved

stance so that's flat this is where the

curve starting now take measure every

half inch or so I need to make a back

down this bar continuing that line

through and generally what all the way

to the end so depending how acute the

curve is then these need to be closer

together every quarter of an inch

because this is going to be a gradual

curve they don't need to be as close

now with the jigsaw I want to just cut

up to the line that I've put in keeping

the blade vertical all the time through

the court also what I should say don't

just offer this jigsaw up today and

death and then start it off start it off

bring it to the MDA and then keep it

running between each coat



I'll save all that already don't want so

this is the way I worked now remember I

said that the edger wanted to keep is

now underneath well you can see why and

in which way the saw is working you will

get a rough edge so if you notice now

come this way this is we taught this in

the face how clean the cuts are now you

don't really want to come too close to

the face but as long as you don't break

through the other side that's okay now

this is reflect writing to hear the

curve I can just put that bend in as I

need it again like I say if it was more

acute not as gradual then you would take

out a bit more and the same will apply

for an internal it will just bend the

other way again ensuring that your angle

were worthy curve stance you can't go on

to the straight if you don't then what

will tend to happen is this will split

along the top so if I try and force this

from here round

I can hear it starting to go already so

I'll just take it a bit more and the

splitting I can hear it underneath so

always bring your cuts beyond and then

that way you'll get a curve it's

basically the same idea as putting

relief cuts in wallpaper