Easy Bend Keys by PropDog

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hey guys so I just want to talk a little

bit more about the EZ Bend keys we made

a video a couple of weeks ago about

these and we sold a whole lot now first

of all the first batch of keys they will

make from a special steel alloy they

were very expensive security keys OGG

key developers Ge Ge Ge securities about

5 pounds each they he treated perfectly

they were really easy to bend we

couldn't bend back the problem is they

were given to us free of charge and we

couldn't keep buying those to sell them

to you so we had to find an alternative

method and we found these brass keys

that work for the Ring flights and

worked really well and these were

sustained a sustainable key as well we

can't go and buy three or four thousands

and most keys because most locksmiths

won't have that many keys where these we

can so they aren't quite as good as the

original keys but they are still good

now we've had a few problems with some

of the keys not heating up quite as much

as some other ones so they've been not

quite as high easy to bend of some other

keys some of the keys have been left in

the key to long were slightly too easy

to bend a few complaints on the magic

cafe people have said that they're

having problems bending them we've now

got the process sorted out okay and most

of the keys you're gonna be getting are

finer the original keys we're going to

do with these keys here so these are the

ones if you've got one of these it says

on their kiosk some of these may be

slightly too hard to bend some of them

might be slightly too easy to bend I

find they're very easy to bend some

people said when you penned them back

they are breaking like that which they

do ok so what we use now are these ones

here these ones will have JMA on there

okay so any of the new keys will have

those on it and they've been really easy

like that okay and they are quite hard

to bend back I mean you can bend them

back just about to there but that's all

part of it most of this is all going to

be in your presentation your idea the

easy Benki isn't so much about that

bending back it's just a case of you

give them a no binky buy that can you

bend it no okay and then either you can

bend or you give it them and they can

bend it and the good thing is I can't

bend it about that much now if they're

struggling to bend it that also means

are going to store would have bend it

back anyway okay the more you bend it

the more it will be hard to bend back so

I know

so if I get this one for example been

all the way over a 90 degree angle that

that's really hard to get back so if

someone's really strong they'll be able

to bend at that power anyway but won't

be ended better it would have been the

back if they're quite we can only bend

it that far they're going to struggle to

bend that back anyway a strong person

will be able to bend it back further

okay just to show you how easy these are

to bend we're going to get a few people

in the shop to bend them so Mel if you

want to come over a couple of really

random keys in here well I mean there's

a whole load of keys in there and if you

just want to pick up one of those random

keys out of there depend seriously guys

they are really easy playing up all

these keys here just waiting jumbled

around all right we get any random one

and you'll see I have a go Bend that one

can you bend that one okay so Mel can

bend that one look Dean come on over

Dean can you bend it okay so just one

round in there get one so if you're

saying you're finding these hard to bend

is a little random people in the shop

they can all bend them is easier to bend

backward Bend back give it a try milla

which will coming over Mila my meal is

quite a small build

now Mila problem beer defend them quite

as fast have a go meter will you better

bend that go somila can only bend about

that far okay now that means somebody

else won't be able to bend it further

but can you bend that back Mila you

can't bend it back I mean yeah a little

bit so if it's a really small build you

may have to adjust your presentation to

get that I can bend it all the way down

like that but now I can't bend it back

okay Henry can you and you bend on back

no reach in grab another round and see

that so hang him you can bend it all the

way so see a random PR session of people

from the shop they can bend them to a

good 90 degrees so if you're gonna email

in and say you've got the new ones and

you can't bend it you know maybe you're

quite wheat but most your spectators

most people you go to perform to will be

able to bend it so that is the easy Bend

keys okay

these are the ones you're going to be

getting from now on and I don't think

you'll have any problems but I just

wanted to clarify this because a few

people in the magic cafe have been

saying don't buy them because granting