How to Unbend iPhone | Bent iPhone Repair: iPhone 5, 5s, 6, 6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, 7 | How To

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hey guys how's it going so today I'm

going to show you guys how to repair a

bent iphone so this works for any iPhone

6 iPhone 6s 6s plus iPhone 5 5 s it just

doesn't work for the iPhone 5c so for

the things you're going to need is

you're going to need a c-clamp

I bought this from Menards for like 4

dollars and the second thing you're

getting is just wood blocks just like

this I just I bought this from like

jo-ann fabrics for like $2 so here's

just one of my parts phones um so the

first thing you're going to want to do

is go ahead and take off your digitizer

so now I've got my digitizer taken off

this is a a parts phone for a i phone 5

so just by looking looking down the

phone you can tell that it's clearly

bent so oh I'm going to go ahead and

teach you guys how to fix it so as you

can see the phone it meant inward so the

first thing you're going to want to do

is take your blocks right to blast just

like that and another tip I suggest

doing this on a wood table or just any

wooden surface you have definitely

wouldn't do it on a glass table because

you'd obviously break it so you're going

to want to take your two wood blocks go

like this so you have your two wood

blocks like that right so like that and

you can see that you want your phone or

you want this phone to be bent inwards

so you want it to be bent down and those

two pieces of wood are just creating a

barrier so it'll Bend easy so

now what I'm going to do is it's really

easy so now that your phone is suspended

on the wood blocks you are going to want

to take a another wood block and put it

right on the back of the phone right

where you're going to put your c-clamp

this is just so you don't indent the

phone like a perfect circle like this or

scratch at all so now once I have the

wood block over there I'm going to take

my C clamp like this and just slowly go

down don't do it too forcefully another

good idea is to take out your

motherboard while doing this if you're

trying to be very careful if you possess

that knowledge good for you so right now

I am just going down on the phone with

my C clamp and I'm looking at it and it

needs to go down a little bit more hey

it's looking straighter it's not perfect

yet okay so right now my phone is

looking pretty straight so I think I

correctly bent it so if you want to be a

little bit more precise on which area

you are going to bend down you want to

put your blocks closer together like

that okay so now I have three blocks so

then there's a gap just right there and

then C right in the very middle of my

phone is where I need it to be bent the

most okay so these are right in that

particular area okay so I just put two

more blocks back here just to level it

off a little bit more so again I'm going

to want to put my one plate right there

just so I don't scratch the phone or

bend it any weird way don't want any

weird looking indentations so


you want to clamp down do it slowly

don't want to break anything

okay so then after doing that a few

times you get a perfect phone just

remember to be careful guys it really

does work if you do it correctly it just

be careful yeah