Photoshop Tutorial: How to Pinch and Bend Fingers using the Puppet Warp Tool!

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hey everyone my name is Justin from

justice good comm and in this tutorial

I'm going to show you how to pinch and

twist fingers in Photoshop by using the

puppet warp tool alright so this first

picture here is going to be our example

of making a pinch in Photoshop using

puppet warp but the first thing we

actually have to do is cut out the hand

from the background so I'm gonna grab my

quick selection tool I'll keep it on add

to selection mode and use a size that is

relatively easy for me to get into all

the areas of the part of the image I'm

trying to cut up if there's any parts of

the photo that went a little bit too far

like this part you can switch to

subtract from selection maybe lower your

brush size a bit and erase those parts

out so now that we have a pretty good

selection we can even click refine edge

and paint in anything that needs to be

refined but for this hand things were

pretty simple so I'll press ok and now

I'm going to right click and layer via

copy so now I have my hand on its own

layer but I want to get rid of the

background layer completely because well

let me go to pinch the finger we don't

want the old hand still being behind it

so in this case I'm going to press

command and select my hand layer to

reselect that entire selection and then

I'm going to go to select modify expand

and I'm going to expand the selection

ten pixels so now we have a little bit

of a buffer and while I have my

background layer selected I'm going to

right click and fill with content-aware

Photoshop should automatically remove

the entire hand and then I can press

command D and it'll be gone so now when

I go to move this new hand layer

everything behind it is still gonna be

blank so now that we have our hand on

its own layer we go to edit puppet warp

and Photoshop will lay out this grid for

us to drop pins on and warp the hand as

we please

so how it works is you pretty much pin

certain areas down

and then you twist them around to you're

linking so first of all I'm gonna pin

down this part of the hand because I

don't want this part of the hand to move

so I'm going to keep that pin down and

then I'm also going to pin down the top

so the whole forearm we're gonna keep it

pinned down and then you're gonna create

a few anchor points at the places you do

want to move so pretty much at the

joints of the thumb here and then the

joints of the first finger here to start

now I can grab these pin marks and I can

manipulate them left or right whatever

way I want so it's pretty cool and then

I can grab my thumb and I can manipulate

that as well all right so I've made my

hand pinched and if you wanted you could

even create some anchor points on the

other fingers and make them curl in a

bit just to give it a more realistic

look but you get the idea of how this

tool works so I'm gonna show you guys

one more thing you can do so I'll press

ENTER and you guys can see the hand is

no pinched obviously it's not gonna look

super realistic because you are taking

pixels that are flat and you're

stretching and bending them but it's

gonna give off the effect for whatever

image you're trying to create so another

thing we can do is I'm going to show you

guys how to make fingers twist and how

to bring one part of the layer above the

other so here's an image where I already

cut out the hand and it's on a flat

background and I'm gonna make the two

fingers cross like they're telling a lie

or something

so I'll click the hand layer and I'll go

to edit puppet warp and now drop my pins

in the right areas of the joint like

before and then also I'll pin down the

wrist so it doesn't get all wacky and

move out of place

all right so now that I've got the

fingers somewhat crossed you guys could

do a better job making it more realistic

I kind of went overboard if I want one

finger to be in front of the other all I

have to do is click on a pin from that

finger so the first finger and then

select pin depth and you can move it up

or down so I don't know if you guys can

tell but we're making one finger go in

front of the other in this case and you

can see how you could switch back and

forth if things are overlapping to enter

and you can see that the fingers are


so hopefully this lets you get started

playing around with the puppet warp tool

yourself and you guys can create some

fun stuff you guys there any questions

or comments feel free to leave them

below and definitely subscribe to my

channel to stay tuned for future videos

thank you guys so much for watching and

I'll see you next time

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