Horseshoe Bending Beginner Level 1

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alright guys on the last week day of the

year where I might have enough time

after work to to get some projects done

I lose in an hour this weekend I'm

making some horseshoe hearts so a nice

quick project and the results are I love

them I think they're awesome

so the idea here is what I did is I have

a pony number one size horseshoe

actually bought these new because only

about two bucks each and just to

experiment things like that

so we're going to take this pony size

one which you know depending on the size

heart you want your knees different size

horseshoe and we're going to turn this

into a heart so stay tuned and watch

this the first thing I like to do just

to keep myself where I need to be is go

ahead and kind of put a little mark

where I think the center of this shoe is

on the

the rounded end just uh just a little

mark so I can see that once it's hot and

go ahead and heat that up okay the first

step of the skimmer to open that shoe up

and do it any way you want

I like to do it through the hardy hole

and I like this hole on both sides to

try to get that curve as easy as even as

possible so that yeah it's pretty

uniform the rafter is much of a uniform

curve as you can there's my mark there

I usually go back for another piece just

so that I'm not fighting it on the next

step but we probably have enough heat

there too but we're go back one more

time alright so our next step we'll put

that into the bottom of the heart which

one do is find the best spot on your

amble you can go ahead and put a nice

little B in television

like that try to keep it flat and then

which video is going to work that up in

this direction and in that direction so

you end up with a nice point then what I

end up doing is that work one side on

top the other side on the bottom and

I'll flip it around and then balloon

them I still miss unum and I'll do the

same thing on the other side that gives

me a little more symmetry so 20 or your

amble edge is the more of a point you're

going to have in here that's the best I

can get out of this but that's going to

be good so you see kind of where we're

going with that back to the core you

haven't noticed I got my little weight

off the inform if the graphs going to

use the more on this one use that horn

curve this thing around and then the

flatness them down to a point

nice organ curve to it a little too

close right around those old corners off

little bits move it all up get the point

you want I don't mind a little bit of

hammer walk in there because I like it

so look kind of like it's forged

blotting it out a little again here is

you don't want to distort any other you

know the attributes of the horseshoe so

that's one side done keep that second

one down basically the same way

one symmetrical with the other one you

know the point that you choose to put on

it really doesn't matter to you but you

want both to be about the same but a lot

of guys can go ahead and finish this up

in this the same heat I like one more

now you certainly don't need a full heat

on this last one but you're gonna do is

start bringing those guys together

sometimes if you do right over the edge

of the horn here helps maintain some of

that curvature on the corner of the

heart once you go by it like it is there

good never happen

get back out there

and then you just basically we're doing

this fine-tuning at this point and so

you like the way it looks totally up to

you how much they line up how much they

don't line up there's gonna be a curve

in and at all there you have it so if I

curve this a little bit more that

would've been a narrower heart a little

bit better point on the end if you want

that but I really like the way that

looked definitely see the horseshoe in

it so I'll hit it on the wire brush I'll

bring it back for a final look see and

that's it

again I start with a nice clean noose

new horseshoe depending on what you

start with bigger shoe you're gonna get

much bigger heart obviously a rusty or

shooting a more rustic looking thing but

I wear brushed it quickly I like

throwing a little bit of the tempering

colors in so I got some purples and some

gold brought it up you know pretty darn

warm and then wax the warm so I got a

nice dark finish on it

and there you go horseshoe heart that's

how I do it anyway until next time take