How to Bend a Hat Brim the Easy Way

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hey guys going John here over at shop

has calm today we're gonna do a little

quick tutorial on how to bend a hat brim

because we noticed that a lot of

customers come into our stores and they

don't buy a certain hat because it has a

flat brim they're afraid that they can't

take it home to get to make the Hat bend

the brim been to a desired shape so they

forego buying the Hat I was going to

show you guys how I do it on this New

York Giants as you can tell the Hat is

the brim is flat please so how I like to

start is with the Hat facing away from

me with both hands covering the entire

brim each having a 1/2 of the Hat so one

hat let's say I'm on a right hand I'm

gripping the entire right brim of the

Hat and the other hand my left hand I

start for the from the beginning the

middle to kind of bend it with my index

finger working his way into inwards into

the what is with a brim and the the Hat

actually meet right here

so if you could see you see the the meat

on my palm right here is actually

putting pressure on that that little

vortex between the brim and the the Hat

I'm just like kind of bending that in

and I kind of do this up the same thing

to the opposite side and when I get to

that same spot on the other side I just

get the piece of meat on my hand my palm

between that little cross right there

where those two meet and you have a nice


see how this looks here cool alright

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