How To Bend Acrylic Pipe PERFECTLY - Marble Machine X#79

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how to bend acrylic pipe perfectly step

one measure the inner diameter of your

pipe - 18 millimeter and outside is 22


step 2 get a silicon rod that fits on

the inside of your pipe mine is a

medical silicone rod and it's exactly 18

millimeter step 3

cut your silicon rod to length and then

cut a taper at one side drill a hole

through the table side step 4 use a

really strong string and thread it

through that hole you just drilled in

the silicon rod I have noticed that

bending a thin metal wire and using that

as a kind of a needle really helps with

this step 5 here I'm putting some corn

flour starch on the silicon rod to make

it slide easier you can also try washing

up liquid or soapy water and that's all

preparation done so we can finally

thread our silicon rod through the

acrylic pipe put on some gloves and

start up your heat gun step 6

bending the acrylic pipe try to heat up

the acrylic pipe as evenly as you can

you can adjust the temperature by moving

the silicon rod closer or further away

from the heat gun and in my experience

the further away you are and the more

patience you spend and the slower you do

this step the better the result once you

feel that critics often hang up you can

do your band I like to try to stay in

the heat of the heat gun but a little

bit further away constantly keeping the

acrylic warm while I'm doing the band

and then removing the acrylic from the

heat gun when I'm happy with the shape

so this was my first try and it's not

perfect you can see here I let the heat

go a little bit too far so we have these

ugly bubbles and the whole pipe is a

little cloudy I think it was because my

gloves were really oily so I was a

stupid choice of gloves the corn flour

starch normally doesn't cloud my pipes

but for the second try I wanted to use

washing up liquid and clean gloves

instead let's see how that went for the

second try I went with a really tight


as you can see here I think I got greedy

and went with a little bit too tight

radius the pipe looks clear though no

more cloudiness and I would recommend

you to order more material than what you

need for your project because you will

have some failed pipe practice makes


as always okay third time's the charm

whoever said that perfection does not

exist and that it's a fool's errand to

pursue it did not look at my son nail

picture in 4k resolution and way I hope

you enjoyed this tutorial it's a true

pleasure to bend acrylic pipes and now

you have to make up a project just to be

able to experience it the reason why I'm

bending so much acrylic pipe right now

is because of the marble machine axe

here I'm using bent acrylic pipe for

marble transportation connecting the

demagnetizer with the marble conveyor

belt and higher up on a machine have

connected the outlet from the conveyor

belt and the fish star with a marble

divider and also the marble divider

itself is made from bent PMA pipe

I have just started to work on the most

difficult acrylic pipe bending project

of the whole marble machine exfilled I

need to connect the marble spreader that

I built in plywood with these metal

rails and all the pipes want to collide

with each other I need to find perfect

routing for this to work here I'm

working on channel 22 which is the last

channel of the vibraphone and there's a

total of 38 channels

signed need to make 38 individual pipes

and I'm using a TIG filler rod to create

a band template to get a feel for what

kind of geometry I need a pipe to be

then I can use this plan template to

create a general shape for the pipe oh

oh oh hold on what's this beauty if you


I found this stud welding CNC machine

that I thought was amazing and I reached

out to them and as if they wanted to

collaborate and then something truly

beautiful happen because you the viewer

started to leave comments to HPS

explaining why they should collab with

me on the machine X my favorite was that

they should lift up an artist from the

sunken Coast vortex I went back to send

an email to HPS and when I opened my

email I found an email from HBS that's

thanks to all your comments thank you so

much for sticking up for the machine X

and thanks to HBS for being positive

towards the project I send some

requirements and they sent me this test

piece and I just want to show you how

extremely precise this is here I'm using

a micrometer which is measuring

millimeter when you hear the first click

of the clutch of the micrometer that's

when you should read your value 18 I'm

actually measuring quite crooked so if I

had a place to measure more straight we

would get even better result

this machine is down to thousands of a

millimeter in precision it's just so



we're looking at using my manual

programming pin system that I already

built for me when I'm composing music

for the machine X and then using this

more sturdy reliable pre-programmed

precise studwelding programming pin

system from HBS for the world tour so we

can have the best out of two worlds

there I'm completely sidetracked in this

video now I'm just so happy about this

prospect let's go back to some PMMA pipe

ending shall we

I'm using the template and creating the

general shape and here I'm making a

little mark so I can cut it to length

and then I can open the marble spreader

and see if the pipe fits and this first

pipe actually fits perfectly you can see

the marble is coming out there the first

type is easiest the consecutive pipes

are going to be much more difficult

because they have the problem of

colliding with each other this is the

moment where I realized I made three

pipes and I have 35 pipes to go



in situations like this where I need to

do really repetitive work which happens

a lot on a marble machine next due to

its 38 channels I keep myself going by

repeating an inner mantra it goes like

this world tour world tour world tour

but seriously I totally underestimated

how time-consuming it was to make these

pipes so over eight hours later I had

managed to do 11 out of 38 pipes and had

to call it a day I will return to finish

this task as soon as possible but for

now I could just check the pipes I made

and they seem to work well




at this moment I felt like a vampire it

was like two marbles showed me the way

out of my studio and into the Sun I

spent a little time inside my Studios I

was so happy strolling around with the

camera this is my apricot tree I found

the first effort of the other day you

see it there as an applicant there's a

huge growth here on the front of the



I have my absolute here under the rose

he's having a good time there it's like

virginal just smelling the flowers BBC

parents are got nothing on me okay so

thank you so much for watching and

believing in the model