How to Bend Pipe For DIY Greenhouse Build

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involve all here with mo and today we're

going to show you how we've been pipe to

make our greenhouses and hopefully I can

show you a few things on how to simply

put together the ribs section of a

greenhouse so first I've got benders

here and I've got four different sizes

you can go up to 24 foot 20 foot 16 foot

12 foot and 4 foot and today I'm going

to make some 12 footers to mega 12 foot

takes two sticks of pipe this is one and

three-eighths pipe chain link fence top

rail pipe and we're going to bend that

to make the ribs and the first thing you

do is you want to mark the pipe at 6


so I make a mark at six inches

and then I'll I'll show you a close-up

of this here and on the next one but you

put the pipe in there just so the the

six inch mark goes through the little

hook you know again I'll do one and then

I'll show you up close and then this

curvature you just bend the pipe along

this curvature and it'll Bend half the

pipe then we'll push it through and then

we'll bend the other half and it's

important we don't twist it but I'll

show you it's real simple you just take

it and you bend it like that push it

through I'm gonna have mo hold it there

so we don't get it twisted and then we

just bend the rest of it

okay I'll get another pipe and I'll move

the camera so you can see another pipe

and I'll move the camera so we'll make

our six inch mark and it's always best

instead of going I'm using the tapered

end it's best just to always stick with

the same side and see here's that that

hook that holds the pipe in and you push

the pipe in just till it's past the the

six inch mark then you go ahead and make

the bend

push it through so you got right there

so you want to meet right where the bend

is flush with the curvature of the pipe

bender and then you got the spark coming

out straight then you put your cheater

in and bend it the rest of the way

and then push it through

okay so the way this works is pretty

simple you've got the tapered in and the

non tapered in and you just put them

together and then you would take some

sheet metal screws and I always put two

in just make sure and then you stand it


there's your there's your art and this

is a 12-foot which takes two - if you

make the 24-foot bent the curve isn't as

pronounced and it takes four sticks of

pipe but that's that's how it's done and

I'll show you what these go into because

twelve a 12-foot circle you cut it in

half so it's six foot then you said I'm

not quite six foot tall that makes a six

foot arch but the greenhouses are up

about eight foot now I'll show you how

that works here okay so as you saw that

it'd be a smaller greenhouse and if

that's what you want you can certainly

do that but the way you make these

greenhouse is this is the normal post

for chain-link fence this is one and

five-eighths pipe where this is one and

three-eighths and the marks that we make

at six inches not only does that help us

on where we're going to make our bend

but these and I like to make have a four

foot and that way you drive them into

the ground two feet deep and then you've

got two foot sticking out if you want a

taller greenhouse of course you can make

it like six foot put two in the ground

and four out but then once these are all

posted you stick these in the ground

first then when you make your arch you

come in and you put that right at your

mark and you again you use sheet metal

screws put a couple in here and that'll

give you you know an eight-foot height

or whatever you want and that's how you


the greenhouse so it's a pretty simple

you can buy these benders there's a guy

here in Texas that makes them and I

don't know when I bought mine they were

like 80 90 bucks or something but I'll

tell you what to bend your own pipe it's

certainly worth it and it comes with two

holes where you just screw them to a

pallet or any anything that's you know

gonna give you some support so that you

can do the bend but that's that's how

you put a greenhouse frame together and

do it that way you can build the

structure very very cheap I know a lot

of people they'll they'll use rebar and

PVC and and all that but I'll tell you

what for the strength you get out of

doing this type of metal and the cost

difference between doing PVC and doing

metal I mean it's not that significant

of a cost difference it's it's really

quite cheap and you get a much much

stronger infrastructure that way so if

you're thinking about making a

greenhouse and thinking well I need to

use PVC please consider using pipe it's

it we've had 80 90 mile an hour winds

out here and these greenhouses haven't

had a bit of problems part of that too

is the cover I use it's a triple we've

we we we custom make them for four

people and to the size of your

greenhouse and they're like 12 year

plastic and so they handle wind and hail

and all kinds of stuff but using using

metal is a much stronger way to build a

greenhouse well I hope you found this

helpful I know it's a simple little

video I've got some more pipe to build

I've got a guy coming to pick up a

greenhouse kit today and this is the

last part of it

anyway please leave us a comment if

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