How to Bend a Spoon with Your Mind

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welcome to the offices of the skeptic

Society and skeptic magazine I'm Michael

Shermer the director and today we're in

our library here with our spoon bending

collection we had a spoon bending party

that we hosted here a few years ago for

a TV show here are some of the results

of our telekinetic psychic spoon benders

from that day and so I thought I'd show

you in tribute to the amazing Randi he

couldn't be here today but he's here in

his abstention with his little

handcuffed doll that we will perform for

the amazing one while he sits there and

watches as Randy likes to say there's

half a dozen different ways to bend a

spoon I suppose you could do it

telekinetically using psychic power but

let's see if there's some other ways

that we could do it I mean for starters

you just take a spoon and basically you

get you stroke the the neck of the spoon

such that you allegedly heat up the

atoms inside of it and it causes it to

bend and if we stroke stroke stroke just

like that ever so gently you can kind of

see it's starting to bend there and we

got a little bit of a band it's you know

not dramatic it's the kind of thing you

could do at a restaurant fairly easily

and of course all you do when you pick

it up is you just take your thumb and

bend it down and then you've already

prepped it and that's pretty much how

you bend a spoon forks are a little

trickier what what we like to do is try

to bend the tine of a fork because it's

a little it's a little dangerous you

know because it's sharp so we want to do

now I need you to concentrate on causing

the left tine of the fork to bend so

just think Bend Bend Bend Bend there it

goes it's starting to go it's starting

to go look at that look at that look at

that look at that I'm just kind of

flicking it down just flicking the time

down look at that there it is it went do

you see that look at that now of course

you could do that telekinetically but

let's just say I think I probably did it

the same way I did the spoon now we can

take a another spoon and I'll show you

ahead of time it's not prepped and I'm

not going to bend it with my thumb ahead

of time I'm just going to prep it just

sort of think just kind of think warm

thoughts about it just sort of barely

hang on to it there and stroke to stroke

the neck of it and push ever so gently

on the bowl

the spoon you can kind of see it

starting to get a little bit mushy can

you see that I'm hardly pushing it it up

just barely touching it just like that

Israeli spoon bender used to do and I

can kind of feel it boy the atoms are

getting very warm there and let's see if

we can just see make that thing just

melt just melt right in your fingers

like that again you could do this

telekinetically but maybe there's some

other tricks up our sleeves there up

there goes the genuine bent spoon now of

course you might say well sure Murr come

on that's cheap cutlery so we're going

to try to see if we can bend this hard

steel bar using just our psychic powers

so I need you to concentrate now on

causing this end to bend up watch Bend

Bend Bend come on with me think Bend

Bend Bend oh we can I can feel the atoms

starting to heat up just from the very

gentle friction I'm causing the quantum

mechanics effects there to go using the

telekinetic power to cause this bar to

Bend Bend Bend Bend Bend well there it

goes Wow

of course as Randy likes to say if

you're using telekinetic power to bend

steel you're doing it the hard way