How to perform the fork bend trick

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right ladies let me show you something

with your fault can I just borrow your

fork have you heard of a guy called uri

geller yep

used to bend forks yeah it was really

strange you can bend a fork by doing

this as an illusion

you know it's an actually optical

illusion it looks like it's bending but

it's not this is solid yeah this is

interesting though if you watch if you

just see it's just an illusion you don't

really bend it well remember it's all

just an illusion it doesn't really

happen just pushing on it but it doesn't

really Bend this just an illusion you

see it's really strange this is the

explanation for the mercury Fork Bend

now before we get into the mercury fort


I always start this effect with a little

introductory piece and it's something

you can try yourself you can do it in

the mirror and believe it or not you'll

actually fool yourself with this but

this is the technique it works with pens

rulers in fact anything that's this kind

of shape it will work with a fork so you

hold it just at the balance point right

in the center but you've got kind of

like a loose grip on that so it's able

to wobble around but you don't turn your

hand sideways like this very quickly

what you do you lift your hand up and

down and just as it's going up and down

it will actually create the illusion

that the fork just turns to rubber and

it just seems to melt in front of their

eyes and then obviously they will be

able to check this immediately

afterwards because it's not bending at

all it really is just an optical

illusion but that is the perfect

introduction to actually performing the

mercury Fort Bend just to review you may

remember from the live performance

we took the fort bashed it on the table

to prove it was solid and then I was

able to actually bend the fork and

instantly restore it and there's no

damage at all let me take you through

the moon

use the techniques the sleight of hand

that's needed for the Mercury Fort Bend

this is the grip that's important what

I'm going to do I'm going to take the

left hand out of the equation for now

and just show you what it looks like

with me just holding the fork with my

right hand you start in this grip

now obviously the left hand is

concealing what actually happens to the

fort but let me just show you the

exposed view now the important thing

with this grip is you've actually got it

clipped between the third finger and the

little finger and then the end of the

fork is held with the thumb and it's

held in place like so now it's important

when you first put the fork down to

create a little bit of pressure but what

you're actually going to do you're not

going to push with your thumb you're

going to leave your thumb in exactly the

same position but let the fork just slip

past it the fork candle goes straight

past and slips through the palms of your

hands but with the other thumb and the

other fingers and the palm concealing

that fork it looks like it just gets

pushed forward because they imagine the

end of the fork handle to be here

whereas in actual fact it's moved down

to the bottom now but at performance

speed it looks really incredible it does

look like you're actually bending that

form and it's also important to actually

live in the moment

imagine you're actually bending the fall

it takes a lot of effort it's not easy

so if you're talking at the time change

your voice had a bit of strain to it or

add a noise I know it sounds silly but

if you just sort of go as you actually

bend it put that force into your voice

and it will add to the illusion that

you're actually bending that full

but at the end of the day all it is is

just an incredible optical illusion and

that's the mercury Fort Bend