10 Magic Tricks with Silverware

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port what welcome back how to Matt I am

your host have an errand today I'm here

in my hometown of Louisville Kentucky

and I'm Tony pann magic turn let's go

back excuse me I need a spoon does

already hit that thumbs up button for me

and let's go crazy I'm serious well

counter-intuitive support it will make

your fortunes the perfect dinner people

forensic and net the only other things

that run in that pen

take report doesn't it up in next hold


hey watch a little bit of magical day

quick and easy those okay this is a

classic silverware trick it's the fork

and knife switch so all you need to do

this is a knife and fork and a napkin

works best with a cloth napkin the

thicker the better so this is a great

trick to do it like a nice restaurant

start out with your knife right there

inside the napkin fold the napkin over

just like that

that is your setup for the trick now

you're going to present the fork place

it on the napkin and you're going to

roll it Oh

inside the napkin the knife is going to

come with just like that roll it up now

you're in position to do the reveal

going to split the napkin right here

little corners right here you're going

to grab each of those and as you pull

them apart it's automatically going to

place the fork underneath like that has

to do this on the table with a

tablecloth on it or some type of

surfaces here these clients of the fork

and then it's automatically going to

reveal the knife on top as you can see

it is why it's important to do it with a

thick napkin like a big dinner table

napkin because you can see the other

piece of silverware through a thin

napkin or a paper napkin so you unfold

it boom the switch has happened you're

careful not to expose the fork

underneath and it looks like the fork

has magically changed into a night super

easy and pretty much self working magic

trick that you can do at home right now

okay this is a cool magic trick that you

can do with a borrowed spoon take a look

this is a cool one this is the crying

spoon trick so this is the saddest spoon

in the entire world okay so but first I

want you to check it out make sure

there's nothing little gimmicks no kind

of trickery going on anything like that

it's a normal spoon I said okay now we

have to come up with something to say to

the spoon to make it sad so what do you

think we could say to the spoon hey to

make it sad maybe that you're near being

you're mean

no no I must not do that right yeah um

how's the host friends left yeah without

it yeah okay here come here you go watch

this purse this is the full frame you


soon we're sorry but all your friends

left without you okay see crime the

status food checkout teen trip work here

I like to try any second okay what do

you guys think how do you think it works

leave a comment in the comment section

below let me know how you thought this

trick works we're going to reveal the

secret in just a second but I want to

know how you think it works so take a

guess give me your best guess in the

comment section and how do you think it

works I think there's this little button

that I don't know where it is

somewhere up here oh I'll tell you this

it's a normal spoon because you guys can

do it at home as a student in your house

so there's nothing special about this

but alright here's how it's done I'm

about to reveal the secret to this trick

is extremely simple and I will teach you

how it's done right now this is all you

need is a little balled up piece of

paper towel so we get a little piece of

paper towel from the kitchen going to

wad that up and get it wet and then

you're going to conceal this in your

hand and this is the position you want

to hold it in right behind the top of

the spoon a handle right there and seal

by your two fingers so you're holding

the spoon like this and all you have to

do is apply pressure with your thumb and

you'll force the water out of the paper

towel they'll drip down the back of the

spoon and drip off the end and it'll

look like the spoon is crying simple

right and that is how you do the magic

crying spoon trick if you've ever seen

someone magically bend the spoon with

their mind wanted to perform at yourself

stay tuned for this next this is the

magic spoon bed trick quick and easy

spoon Bend trick that you can do at home

when you're out of the restaurant

you take a spoon from your audience they

watch if I just hold it like this and

rub you can kind of see it happen look

just stretch the bend like that in the

middle see it look if you keep rubbing


and alchemy people totally freaked out

right before their eyes and I'll teach

you the secret how to do that right now

so really all you need for this is the

knowledge of the secret moves and I'm

going to teach you and you need some

silverware that people are not going to

be mad at you Spence maybe go get a

cheap set of silverware from a store

that way no it's going to get super

angry when you bend their spoons over

and over so this is the move your finger

is going to go right here on the back of

the spoon and then the bottom of the

food is going to contact this part of

your hand so it's going to go right here

on the front of the spoon and that's how

you're bending this finger right here is

the one that's really doing the bending

and your thumbs just pushing right over

that's happening very quickly in this

motion right here when I'm grabbing the

spoon and also have to point out that

you're bending it at its weakest point

you can see the spoon tapers down so

this is very thin right here in the

middle so it's right there then we're

bending so in slow motion as I'm turning

my hand like this I'm bending it up just

like that in rubbing rubbing thing is

just a bit of active make it look like

the students then it's bent before we

even start rubbing so it's straight

moving into this position to start

rubbing it's already been priceless to

move in the mirror until you get it

right now have some fun amazing your

friends and that is how you do the magic

bending spoon this is a puzzle of

classic magic trick that you can turn

into a magic challenge against your

friend this is the spoon on the nose for

everyone can do this trick ok watch him

going to take this spoon put it right

here on my nose and look ready that's

cool you'll attract so you can make the

spoon stick to your nose kind of looks

like it's exploding in midair and then

you can challenge your friends to do it

and watch them take a ride on the

struggle bond the magic secret to make

this a lot easier as before you put the

spoon on your nose just give it a nice

hot breath and it'll create some

condensation which will make the spoon a

little bit sticky then it easily sticks

right to your nose boom thank you head

oh and that is how you do the magic

spoon on the notes for this trick you're

going to take a fork and really freak

some people out let's take a look so I'm

actually have to lift up my glasses for


we'll take the fork and it's going to go

what do you mean watch okay here's the

secret behind this crazy trip so here is

the secret thing that you need for this

trick this is a coffee creamer you can

get these a coffee house or you can get

them at a store on to the most gas

stations to really any restaurant out

there is going to have these on hand so

what you do is you take this and you're

going to conceal it in your hand like

that it's very important that the top

foil side is facing out so that when you

hold it up to your face the fork can

come up poke the foil and release the

eyes look which is actually copy cream

so as the fork comes up it pokes through

the lid of the coffee creamer just like

that I'm sure to the top it creates a

hole for the liquid to come right out of

everyone's going to freak out thinking

you just punctured your eyes as white

liquid coming out and I have to get

credit for this original concept - Matt

King is the person who pioneered rooster

and that's where I first saw it on TV as

a kid and that is either the magic fork

in the eye trick

now you values before bed right here but

what if you could take it a step further

and make one of the tines of the fork

magically Bend by itself let's check it

out it's going to take a fork and you're

going to call attention to the tines of

the fourth prong are actually called

time so you're gonna take one of the

tines on the fork and you're going to

call attention to the fact that they're

all straight and while you can probably

Bend like the middle of a fork or spoon

with your hands it would be really

really difficult to bend one of these so

that's why you have to use the power of

your mind so we're going to hold the

fork just like this and then tell

everyone to watch like that and you can

do it on the other side as well

just like that so you can use the

technique to make the prong depend on

each side of it like that and you can

keep going until the fork looks like

this crazy abstract design right here so

let me show you how to do it okay here's

the secret move behind this amazing

trick believe it or not you can pretty

easily bend the tines of these Forks

with your bare hand you're going to show

it like normal you're going to grab the

edge of the fork the edge of your thumb

right there and that's how you're going

to bend it down you want to practice

this first obviously to make sure you

can bend it does require quite a bit of

hand strain so if you're really young

you might not be able to do this one yet

if you do have to have quite a bit of

strength in your hands in order to bend

it quick now I actually did that move

right in front of your face when we

started this trick so when I grab the

fork and moves into a different position

I was actually spending the time there

as I was turning it over that I was

doing and then you're just letting it

drape across your hand the time is

already sent through this letting it

slowly fall and it looks like it's


so you can use that same move to do the

other side and down just like that

until you've worked the fork into this

crazy twisted mess you can hand out to

your audience and their mind this could

be completely blown examining this thing

and that is how you do the magic melting

for it okay for this amazing trick I'm

going to show you a cool way to make it

look like you're moving silverware with

the power of your mind let's take a look

so you're going to take a fork or a

spoon and sit it down on the table just

like that call attention to it and say

watch I'm going to try to move the fork

with the power of my mind look


like that you can hand this out for

inspection there's no strings or wires

attached to it literally you can do this

is to set the fork on its face say watch


ok the keeper behind this is super cool

and super dangerous so we need to keep

it far away from the camera this is a

Super Max super-strong rare earth magnet

it can ruin electronics from like feet

away so I want to keep it away from the

camera the magnetic field on it is huge

I'm having a hard time keeping the fork

from attracting to it right here you can

see the foot wants to bend before it

will actually come off so it's super

strong and what we do with this is we

can have it concealed in our pant leg

like right above our knee then you can

manipulate objects with the magnet

underneath the table just using your

knee so that way you can have both hands

above the table while it's moving and

that is how you do the magic moving form

first all right this is a classic

silverware trick that you can do is just

a spoon or fork let's take a look here

let's take a fork right here you can

also do this with a spoon and agrestic

by the top firmly you have the top of

the fourth here and watch you're just

going to push down and bend it all the

way in half just like that so you got it

completely bent and then watch on the

count of three one two three you just

magically human can hand this out for

inspection super amazing bullpen trick

they can perform at a moment's notice

okay here's the secret behind this

amazing fork trick all you need is a

quarter or a nickel some type of silver

coinage that you're going to use to look

like the top of the fork so from a

backside view this is what you're

actually holding you're holding the coin

here it looks like top of the fork and

the actual straight

for coming out the back of your hands so

you start in this position up here then

as you press down the fork is going

right out of the back of your hand and

never actually Bend and then when you

want to reveal is restored boom just let

it drop out of your fingers

hide the coin in your palm ditches into

your pocket and then you're left with a

completely restored metal fork that

never actually bent in the first thing

and that is you do the magic coin and

the hole okay this is a crazy trick that

you can do with the ring and a fork take

a look okay so they cool and with a fork

and a ring so I'm gonna have you hold

the forks just like that and hold it on

the top the types is no add like but

take this ring and make it a link on to

the fork okay ready take it like this

and I rub the metal and we'll see it

happen okay here's the secret behind

this crazy messenger so this is a

special type of ring it's called a

hindbrain classic magic trick these can

be used for a lot of different things

the special thing about this magic ring

is that it opens it has a hinge so

you're able to make it link onto the

fork by just opening up the ring and it

latches back just like that so you open

it up secretly your spectators holding

the fork like this or the spoon there's

no way you can get to it you just

secretly link it on there and close up

the ring and the work is done

looks like the ring is just magically

passed through the fork so that is the

secret if they're holding it here you're

just going to slip the Himba ring right

around it and pop it together and you

can do a fair bit of acting and act like

you're roughing the metal through metal

and that is the secret behind the magic

ring on the fork okay the trick with a

plastic spoon check it out hold it just

like this and watch here's the seat

a blowtorch wasn't like a fun camera

trick or you could have somebody like

hiding behind the core about how you're

going to take the flame of the blowtorch

and it's actually going to melt the

plastic spoon if the tip of that flame

is enough to get this super hot or that

plastic is going to melt like butter and

as long as this is out of the field of

their view it is a super crazy looking

trick that is absolutely going to blow

people's mind this kind of goes without

saying that it's going to point it out

obviously if you're using a blowtorch

you need adult supervision don't go get

a blowtorch and use it if your kids like

myself does nothing but they are talking

and that is how you do the magic melting

spoon trick



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