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so what's going on it's JJ how y'all

doing I'm chilling here in the beautiful

south bank check it out the beautiful

waterside beachside in Brisbane we've

got um someone new something different

for you now if you're at dinner or if

you're just chilling or if you've just

happened to have five Forks on you this

is what you can do so i'm i'll show you

what i'm using i'm using this blonde

girl she blonde sean maybe brown hair

you can't really tell blonde girl

lifeguard doesn't really look like she's

doing too much let's see if we can go

interchange her with some

hey how are you hey hey you like you

look like you need a bit of

entertainment happening yeah you don't

look like you're doing too much here I

don't think you're really trying to help

anyone like really are you helping the

fish yeah

I'm Jay by the way indigo all right like

that now what's that short for indigo

just chill can I see your eyes I need to

get into your soul for a second can I

see your eyes I just want to talk to see

your eyes there you go it's nice pretty

eyes alright now I need to see your eyes

for the trick I need to see us

alright help me I go cool alright so

here's the cat track you're probably

wondering why I had five Forks on me

really you've been checking me out okay

cool all right here's a deer great I

want you to be favorite just choose a


yeah it's like choose a card but choose

a ball you're happy with that okay now

here's the capture right for good so

real it's not like doesn't have any of

those hidden traps or anything inside

right don't you do me a favor do you

believe in ESP do you believe in like

everyone's got like a sixth sense right

yeah okay here's the thing I want you to

do me a favor I want you to sort of just

dude squeeze it really tight okay I want

you to believe it's sort of bending okay

yeah are you doing that yeah open your

hand like I didn't work that good all

right okay take this all I want you I

want you to blow okay watch watch

closely believe it just look

one of my Moses welcome back to the fork

trick that's right now you can learn it

too now this is what you need you need a

fork and you need go to your mum's draw

grab the draw pull the drawer out grab a

fork put it underneath your arm run to

your room closes or block the door turn

on your music to s club 7 and pump that

don't stop moving alright so this what

you did yeah actually you need a fork

I wouldn't recommend going to your mum's

drawer and grabbing out like you know

the most expensive fork one because

she's gonna get angry into you're gonna

root there you'll see why so you grab

one fork alright now I know what you're

thinking saying JJ isn't that weird

isn't it a bit crazy to take out forks

from your pocket and go through and you

know say like pick a fork and find one

look you know what it's only up to your

perception so I do it she still enjoyed

it as you saw so this is what you need

to do you need to grab a fork that is

easy to bend and what I mean by that

watch this see how I can bend that

pretty easy I don't really need too much

force so where you go to these you go to

these two Dollar Stores you just go to

these two dollar really cheap stores and

you're unison you'll sort of find them

so find it easy for to bend now this is

the move right here this is very very

simple all you have to do is this I'll

use if I'm just doing this one off I'm

I'm gonna build it up I just don't do it

or drop it on the ground

I just don't do it and then walk away

alright so what I do is I build it up so

I say do you like how do you believe you

know people have ESP or her powers or

anything like that I'm like yeah I'm not

sure okay so what you do is this in here

look squeeze the fork in your hand I get

them to pick a fork squeeze a fork

alright and go would it be cool if I

snapped and it can bend and I check this

out snap open their hand I can't not

that good oh you're not that good and it

breaks their shield as I've talked about

in many videos it brings their shield

down right which they laugh or they

don't expect too much as they're

laughing you're doing this move under

cover this is what you do look at look

here don't look here I know you want to

look okay pick this up so what you're

doing is you are as they laugh Sean do a

fake laugh haha you're doing this all

you're doing

building it you're bending it down like

this and as you come up you start

shaking so they cannot see the bend all

right so all together what it looks like

squeeze I'm not that good check this out

actually do me a favor and see how I ask

a question I come up do me a favor and

blow and they blow on the fork and then

you let it go slowly and as you can see

it's bent and you just give it to them

and most people they don't they've just

checked out the foot before so they're

not going to find it so once again

really quickly put in the hand open I'm

not that good actually do me a favor

just blow and that that's speed right

there and you bent the fork and that's

how you have powers like arugula or

Criss Angel or JJ that's what you need

to do check it out so here's the cool

thing if you want to learn some new


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