How to shape foamboard / Dollar Tree Foam

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okay show you welcome back to the doctor

sees Journal and this is a kind of a bit

different kind of video this is

especially for a catch other customs

really and well let me first do a little

intro of what it's about and most of you

know that I built my scratch build

planes like this one out of foam board

which is a type of foam with a layer of

paper on each side which makes it makes

it very stiff and stiff also means it's

a hard to bend let me show you here I

have a scrap piece of the foam board and

it's you can bend it but it's it's very

stiff so what Turkish our customer asked

me is if you can make curved structures

with this foam board for instance if I

if I would want to something like that

you put imagine that I want to do the

nose of this plane this curved piece and

if I would want to do it out of foam

boards how do you do that so that's what

this video is about how to shape foam

boards and let me zoom in on some pieces

of foam boards here I look here so

here's a sample of a very square

structure in foam board that's not what

this video is about it's about how to


pink curve all right so like I said let

me quickly zoom in on the pieces we've

cut here just a second okay so we don't

need this square piece in here gone and

I've got three identical pieces over

here and these we will use to make

curved structures now it's really quite

simple of course you need to calculate

what the arc needs to be but you can

experiment with it a few times first and

let me first show you what the technique

involves I'm going to draw a few lines

on this disk piece which are at 90

degree angles to this side and I'm gonna

draw what how many five lights there

Darren exactly one centimeter apart and

this distance is not for any real reason

to be honest but just to show you what

the end result of this distance would be

okay we've got our five lines and now

we're not gonna use a knife to be able

to curve the structure but we'll we're

gonna depress every line so we're gonna

press into the phone so I'm not going to

be damaging anything I'm just going to

push it down

I hope it's visible and laughs this way

and of course I try to put an even

tension and equal amount of ten

on every line okay we've got five lines

squat and now I need to bend every

section a little so I put my ruler on it

so it I have a good grip on it and I

just bent that section up slide the

ruler to the second line and I bend

that's one up and I'll sure you get an

idea of what I'm doing it now I'm just

gently bending up every line there we go

and well why do you know it's a bit of a

tight corner this a narrow arc foot it's

an arc now of course if I would have

spaced these lines further out I would

have a wider arc and well let's just do

that as well just a second all right

once again I've not drawn your tie lines

just at the enter points but result will

be the same and I've made twice the

number of points two on this pocket is a

sample so the art should be

approximately twice as wide and well as

you can see it is very simple process

there's no fiddling about and there's no

oh how deep should I cut slides or do I

cut them at an angle you just press down

on every

line and you'll be good to go

now okay same process again I put my

ruler on the line and I bent it from

over next line and bend it over and over

over this takes a little time of course

but the end result will be a nice smooth

round arc there we go now of course the

inside doesn't do well it looks nice but

the outside really nice and round if I

for instance would glue this down on

this board the board is a big too wide

for instance like this am i in shot like

this you'd have a nice roof of a Kemper

for instance at RV so that that works

out a varial and this is very stiff as

well now the last sample I'll do is you

might think well this is nice and round

but I'd like to have it run in a point

tapered I'd like to make a cone shape

for instance well that's very simple as

well and I haven't prepared that for

this video but so let me do it on the

fly here our first mark out the center

of this board here

Center center and if you're watching

this and wondering how I'm going to make

a comb well just to try to figure it out

for yourself but I'm going to start now

I'm going to make marks at 1 centimeters

on this side and 4 centimeters for okay

I've got 8 the 9 marks at 1 centimeters

on one side and how big am I going to

make this okay I'll make marks at half a

centimeter increments on this side hmm

my hand is probably in the way sorry

about that

there we go okay now we're going to

connect the dots that's very simple of

course now once again I haven't prepared

this for the video so I'm not sure what

the cone will look like if you're

designing like an O section for a plane

you'd have to do some calculations on

the radiuses of of both sides but just

to show you how to do it in principle

should get you started

alright oops I messed up one line damn

it the pressure of YouTube okay and then

we'll go and depress those lines again

very depressing that

okay now I'm not even sure if that this

is going to show up on camera very well

but the idea should be clear this if you

just make the spaces of the lines at one

point at the one side smaller than on

the other side you'll have a cone shape

and well like I said this is an easy way

and you don't see any damage to the

paper on the outside this is an easy way

to make curved structures out of foam

board so hope that was helpless

and if it wasn't to hit me up some

comments and I'll try to do it in a more

clear way and see you back in another

video bye bye