How to bend a fishtail nose ring.!

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okay guys so this is my first video no


so I recently went to our games today

and got these bent that no studs I think

they're actually called fishtail

fishtail nose rings they kinda just look

like hangs out of the package you can't

really see like Todd there you go

um yeah the beasts like earrings to come

to sell plastic things I've already bent

a few now I looked on YouTube and I

couldn't find any videos on how to bend

a fishtail nose rings so I decided that

I would make my own and obviously first

you're gonna need the notes writing that

you're wanting to chew then and I don't

know what exactly these are called I'm

not a handyman

I just found them in the basement

they're just some type of plier and all

you want to do is you want to hold at

the end where the jeweler ball is and

ant will need to measure it but kind of

decide where you want the bend to be

halfway launch bones your nose like I'm

gonna choose great there I think and

everyone's nose is different so what you

do is you put your finger here hold

tight and push just kind of like a bend

so it's like that and then you take it

off and voila you could leave it like

that but I find it it comes in my nose

if I if I don't bend it and a little bit

more so I put it right here and hold it

like this

and I put those right where the been

days and then I just push up a little

more on the L part so it it's hard to

see I'm sorry like said this is my first

video no judging um then you see it


that's how I'd been so four more to do

I'll actually show you my nose rain

collection lawyer

every time different nose rings maybe um

if I can edit this video good enough

I'll do a video on different time your

nose rings types whatever you know what

I mean