HOW TO FIRE BEND like an Avatar | Using ELECTRICITY |

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hey it's J welcome back to a very

special episode of plasma channel our

first episode was on how to firebend

using electricity and even though the

episode was pretty poorly shot the

science behind it I thought was

fascinating it involved demonstrating

that fire is strongly affected by

electrostatics meaning charge your body

up to a high enough voltage and you can

fire Bend while filming that episode I

discovered something really cool I found

that a flame can be split in two by

pulling it with electrostatic charges on

opposite sides so today we're gonna film

that a lot better and if the universe

will have it I'll teach you how to fire

been just like a mystic


so I'll summarize the science of episode

1 though fire is debated as being a

plasma it definitely is composed of

charged particles that being said those

charged particles or ions can be

repelled or attracted using

electrostatic fields meaning influence

the ions influence the fire so here's

our flame no external forces zooming out

you can see I have two plates on

opposite sides of the flame now the

plate on the right is connected to the

top of my voltage multiplier charged to

negative 400,000 volts now the plate on

the left is ground voltage but compared

the negative 400,000 volts it

essentially acts as a positive charge

now these two separate charges on

opposite sides of the flame will

function in a manner of pulling the ions

in separate directions essentially

splitting the flame turning on the power

you see and effect though it seems quite

different parts of the flame are

trying to go in opposite directions

here's the wicked science behind

splitting our flame the plate on the

left is charged positively pulling the

negative ions the flame towards it the

plate on the right is the opposite it's

negatively charged pulling the positive

ions of the flame in that direction

since our flame is composed of these

charged particles or ions the flame

essentially splits in two now you have

to ask yourself when have you ever seen

this yep that's what I thought too it

also turns out that fire in general is

attracted to a negative electrostatic

field now that's cool but what if

instead of a negatively charged plate

your body was charged in place of it

this plasma tears now this is the basis

of firebending being charged up to

negative 200,000 volts

I now can influence the fire you can see

a general attraction of the flame to my


that's because the positive ions of the

flame are drawn to the negative charge

of my hand the exact same situation as

the two plates before



let's scale this up a little bit will it

behave the same way and yes there is

still a general attraction to my hand

howbeit it's a lot more painful this

time so I plan on scaling this up quite

a bit in future episodes

maybe next episode but wouldn't it be

nice to one day be able to repel fire

from the human body now that has some

serious life-changing implications never

forget through science the laws of

physics are the Legos of our playground

thanks for sticking around and don't

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