How to Adjust Your Plastic Frames at Home.

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welcome to I talk in the following video

we're gonna show you how to adjust your

plastic frame at home using a few simple

things like a hairdryer and a small pair

of pliers so when you're adjusting a

frame when it's become too loose and

sliding down your face or is not staying

up properly there are three major areas

we're going to concern ourselves with

the temple tips we're gonna make sure

that they are a nice curved tightly

around the ear the end pieces next to

the hinge we're gonna make sure that it

forms a nice 90 degree angle and the

bridge we're gonna make sure that that

has a nice curve to make the frame front

match the face okay

so here we have a plastic frame for in

other words

Sall material frame which is the more

common kind of plastic material and it's

not fitting properly and as you can see

it's widened out over time so it's going

to slide down your nose is not going to

feel good or maybe not even stay on your

face so what is the first step here the

first step is to bench align the frame

when bench aligning the frame you're

gonna put it on the flat surface upside

down and make sure that all four corners

are touching and when you touch them it

doesn't wobble and you can draw an

imaginary line between the temple tips

and make sure that it forms a nice

rectangle you also want to make sure

that in between the temple and the face

front it forms a nice 90 degree angle so

how do we get there well in this case

you can probably see right here this is

called the face front and the face front

should have a nice curve to it in this

case it really doesn't it's almost

completely straight so the place we're

going to work is right here the bridge

the bridge needs to be tightened to get

these frames to a shape that will

actually fit somebody's head so what do

we need to do now well the first step is

we're going to heat the frame so in my

case I'm going to use a frame heater but

at home is perfectly fine to substitute

a hair dryer for this and what we're

going to focus on is the bridge right

here and you want to be careful

to not heat the lens it can damage the

coating and damage the lungs so you want

to heat just the area that you want to

adjust we're going to heat it just until

malleable so if you give a nice little

light squeeze to the frame while you're

heating it it will tell you when it

becomes malleable so at this point it's

not going to be for a very long time at

this point the frame has become heated

enough to be malleable so we're going to

gently bend it and it should require

very much force to do this it should

just be enough to kind of give that nice

curve so what you have now is a much

nicer curve here this looks more like

the shape of someone's face which is why

it's going to fit much better and you

can also tell these temple pieces are no

longer pointing out they're more

straight which means it's going to fit

the side of someone's face so in this

case this frame would be adjusted to a

point where it's wearable again so here

we have another frame that is no longer

fitting appropriately because the

temples have become too wide but if we

look at the face front

it still has a pretty nice curve to it

so that's not the problem the bridge is

not the problem at this point it's going

to be the end piece where the hinge is

located this is the point that needs to

be tightened when you have a nice curve

here but the frame is still too wide

here in the temples we're going to focus

on the end piece where the hinge is so

in this case you are again going to heat

this frame and I'm only heating the part

I'm going to adjust so in this case this

end piece right here I'm heating that

just until malleable so it doesn't take

very long but you can feel when the

frame starts to give you a little bit of

give that's when it's heated enough and

for this purpose we are going to use a

pair of pliers and the pliers that I

have are specific for frame use but what

you can use is a pair of smaller pliers

or a pair of needle nose pliers and

if you want to be careful in not

scratching the frame you can actually

place a tissue where this is located in

between the frame and the pliers you

would grip it right next to the hinge

and then you would gently curve it in

just until you see that the temple is

starting to go straight so in this case

I think we have a pretty good straight

match and we're going to just copy that

to the other side but in this case you

can see that the temple is no longer

bowing out like it is on this side but

it's a nice square that it's making so

now that you have adjusted the bridge

and the end pieces the last piece of the

puzzle is the temple tip and what you

want to achieve here is a nice curve

that starts right on the top of your ear

so where your ear meets your head so

we're gonna make this a little bit nicer

curve because most people probably

wouldn't fit this snugly cuz we want to

have this as an anchor behind the ear so

that when the glasses try to slide they

don't go anywhere so the way to do this

is to pull out your heating element

again where you will use it to heat the

part that we're going to adjust and

after you've heated it for a few seconds

maybe start by trying 10 seconds you're

going to pull it out and you can use

your thumb and you're going to make a

nice curve here and this is literally

just to kind of fit the shape of your

ear where your ear is located and it

meets your head and just get that into a

nice curve around that shape is good

where exactly the curve is located is

depending on your ear so you'll have to

put the glasses on your face and kind of

feel it out where the top of your ear

meets the frame and that's where you

want to start your curve and if that

fits great then you're just going to

duplicate what you just did to the other

side now before we go just a quick word

of caution before you adjust

any frames please keep in mind the age

and condition of your frame so that you

don't end up damaging it while using

heat makes it much less likely that you

will cost any damage it's still possible

so just be careful when you're doing any

of these adjustments at home thank you

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adjust your own plastic frames if you

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