I'm Working With Expanded Metal

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there we go

just a little fine-tuning you know final



well I'm going to show you guys what I'm

up to here this thing this sup this

expanded metal it's really hard to mark

you know it just can't really get a

straight line and I tried to put some

tape on it and of course I cut several

short pieces so I could curve it around

and all that but it just doesn't stick

so what come up with so gives me a

perfect cut pattern I need and also this

new plasma cutter bit of got well it's

not real do any markets of anything

about here but the nice thing about it

is it has a setting on it that is for

expanded metal because normally when

you're cutting metal if you run run off

and run out of metal it a plasma cutter

shuts off but with that setting it just

keeps you right on Kevin so

that's a cool thing that's all just want

to show you what I had come up with my

my solution oh I'll clamp that down so

that gives me a half inch off the off

the metal all the way around and it

works real well