How to make tight bends in pipe with no bender! The world according to Ironhorse!

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I want to take a minute and show you a

few things we're getting a little bit

under this chainsaw muffler thing on

this channel only because I got a couple

to build and so yesterday was about

being able to explain the concepts of

the type of mufflers that I personally

built for my sauce and a few of you guys

once in a while about well not very many

I don't generally have the time to do

much of it but I got a special project

and I want to show how to make tight

bends without a bender nice balance okay

this most-played benders they they don't

you can't do a very tight radius and

having something you'd use for a

chainsaw arm sauce I'm going to show you

how to do that I was gonna go ahead in

front of the torch top and it does take

heat and it's it's the end of the day

I'm high I'm tired and I want to get

from the air dish there yeah air dissing

air your southern boys know what that is

but I wanna I want to stress something

about that design that I'm showing you

that really it's only just one stop

several of you in the comments have made

valid comments that look I told Oregon

Northern California forest fires they

don't have no spark arrestor yeah that

does that's hi mo first hi no anywhere

whereas the risk of fire wouldn't use

that I built my own spark arresters

I'll tell you how to do it now what the

deal is you can't on stating in here you

you got to have a fire fire spark

arresters in your muffler and all I do

is on that exit tube I just built a

sleeve the slides over and I

generally got a spark arresters out of

chainsaws laying around here and I just

fit that in there and screw it just one

screw and there are two screws and hold

it on then when I don't want it on there

I can pull it off block and firewood now

I need it most of the year log in here

no you're not catching mud on fire this

ain't gonna happen so but just think

about that there's a be safe with things

like tests that was a good point

gentlemen it really was but okay now

what I'm doing I'm into building a

concept muffler and I'm doing that with

bucking belly we're doing it back and

forth and we're it's his idea I want to

build I want to see what his idea he's

kids you old fart I told you that was

yummy but he's old he's bucking Billy

okay so he came up with this design I'm

not gonna show you the finished product

I want him to so yeah but today was a

crazy day was long them to trip to town

today's just things had to be taken care

of you know well it's three traps

I forgot and things have to be done some

days like that so we've already set up

in here for making mufflers I will when

I get here directly I'll show you that

design I'll go right through a step by

step and make it rain in front of the

camera so you can see exactly that's a

very simple one what we're doing now is

a simple we needed short bends

okay I'm straight quarter fight we need

short bends how do you get that sort of

a bed I'm talking short well I'm gonna

tell you a lot the first step come up

with that I blow through I blow through

what you have to do is pinch the ends of

your pipe I'm gonna show you how to make

short battles see that's that's pin

straight there you pinch that I heat it

with the torch

and I just I just pitched it a pair of

pliers tilts all the way sealed and then

what you do you fill it for Sam leave

this is half inch ID so you leave it

down about a half and it's 3/4 ID would

leave it about 3/4 of an ounce and all

you do is he heat it with your quartz

and pinch it with your pliers you can

call us both hands and that's and then

you welded on a piece of pipe weld into

your table and you make that yep that's

exactly right there's a coil there's

enough bends in that coil right there to

be able to get a lot of little short

elbows tight elbows loopy elbows

anything you want to so what you have to

do is decide what your radius is that's

not I'm not gonna do the math for you

guys some of you know how to do it yeah

you're just gonna do it far away like I

do I know how to do the mail I can

calculate the radius s we learned all

that in high school dimly we know

without to do that for this particular

radius that I wanted one a three quarter

inch OD pipe so that means on the inside

of that I got once recorder that's 3/4

OD that yeah that's pretty cool huh

looks like I'm building up darn spring

Donna but I can take cut pieces out of

this to whatever I want to and flip

every which way or make rolls or

anything if you need a bigger piece of

pipe be reasonable about what radius

you're trying to accomplish because if

you got a great big piece of pipe you

say I want to have to be only one end

there's another way to do it but we're

not we're not getting into that we don't

have the equipment and I know one of you

is gonna say well what about mandrel

bending mandrel bending can't bend that

that tight that's eighth wall hate

that's that's that mandrel bending along

we can't do it but I'm gonna warn you

something when you're heating us

it's all about how much pressure and

heat it's attached right here this is

the point where it helps you heat ahead

of a rate in this area okay and it's

nice when you got a colon like I do okay

pull it just a little bit let it heat

here to pull a little bit when that

comes in contact you just eat a little

further over not you got to figure out

what kind of heat now that works good

once you get that sorted out be prepared

for your first roll that you make that's

all the way around

that's good you're gonna blow it out

you're gonna leak santim it you're

staying start flying out don't even

continue I did I did one deliberately

I'd like to say was for an example for

you guys yeah but I did it just to see

number one how much pipe I was gonna eat

up it's more than you think you really

gaining feet all the way around you are

but I did it just to see what the

temperament of the plate plus how much

he does it take to do it how much

stretch am I getting let me reach behind

me it's what I blow it out I'll show you

the mistakes thank you show you some

successes too okay first the town you

see where's welcome a little too much

heat right there oh I really got the

heat after right there well I was traded

to us he didn't bend it myself just a

long but you can see what that looks

like that was just plain slap too hot if

I didn't have such started towards that

probably wouldn't go to its a Harris and

that they're nice there I like that

angle champion I mean you don't have to

when you got that you eat that's a

natural position for me I'm sorry

you get a big enough tip in there that

these harris's you get a you get a big

tattoo on it and if I'm trying to heat

something I like the right size tip for

what I'm heating that's important in

this type of stuff it the thing is you

got to remember don't blister the

outside of your pipe

yeah you just seen an example what

blister it looks like it's okay to have

have it looks like town and it's got a

little carbon spots on it you know you

can see that and yeah this is still I

had seen that I when I cut it off for

this pipe here right beside me all

stands there dribbling out I use San

Blas use playground sand place and

anything yeah go the beach just to fill

your friggin pipe yeah but this wasn't

too bad to do and now I got a couple

saws they got a sip tomorrow and I'd

like to do that earlier in the morning

and when we get back what I want to do

is put together a flans and a piece of

pipe and show you how that works and

I'll actually build one of the mufflers

in a few days live that I showed you

guys how to build that way you see the

whole example what the do's and don'ts

are and that makes it right for leave

here tomorrow get me Sean Parker's on

there that one with that new playground

maybe I can get you close enough

yeah we got a couple of them sitting

right here

Oh buddy Darrell slammer you got want

them too okay let me see what it does it

actually raises upward that's why you

drained your base there you see how that

mounts up no big deal and you just want


the clear inside cover make sure the

same break doesn't come and contact let

me put that together okay that's what's

a holding last okay

not for that I haven't done this while I

go on a rant and I call it the world

according to iron Mars so you're gonna

if you're into that you want to hear an

Iron Horse rant from a crazy old man I'm

gonna give me one all right

two months social distance and I got no

problem of that I'm good at it you know

stay away

don't get too close to me nuts enough

we're a poor County here just because a

governor decides that he is gonna

mandate that these businesses be closed

and one thing another you know what that

ain't a law they were forcing that but

they can't legally read your

constitution read your rights they can't

legally do that duh

I don't like something being risk

misrepresented upset over that they

should say no please don't

okay no it's not a law this ain't the

kingdom of New York okay now sort it out

those of you that are live in states

they have hot spots I'm calling out to

you you guys use your common sense stay

away from each other where you turn

masks follow the guidelines that the

doctors are telling you because they're

the probably right that's why they're

doctors right if it's up the doctors

we'd never open the economy back up well

I'll tell you what a poor little car

county and a poor little state like we

got is there's places that are done

forever I'll promise you that and we

can't afford to lose no businesses where

are people gonna work what are they

gonna do this is what's upsetting me

we need to tackle a get the economy

rolling okay that's what we need to do

and my social distancing 59 years of it

I'm just I am am I deliberately at this

point no no because I'm gonna tell you

something right now but I know for a

fact and if you don't believe this you

look it up you find out what I'm gonna

tell you right now this ain't no secret

now yeah I have a little bit of

something but medicine I know I was a

combat medic in the 18th airborne corner

grabbed a deployment for us I was a very

good medic viruses can only be

controlled so much they're really really

tough to deal with okay this particular

one they're seeing heat you know what I

like about this thing is a freaking

media jumping in it I love the next one

and me my logger buddy Jeff was talking

about this early in the game I smoked

little cigars you know and so no he I'm

ready for a sandwich at a nap yeah yeah

all day bro dad please joke and I says

Jeff it's the Jeff no wouldn't be fun if

down the road they found out that

frickin smoking cigars knocked the hell

out of that coal bed yeah we said that

guess what they're doing Studies on it

want to see I've been what I seen it got

me was why nicotine knocks it back that

doesn't both why well if your lungs are

full black ass crap anyway from full

smoking a darn old cigar forever

there's probably Dustin left it's a life

that can be attacked right okay so let's

get by that I'm not making light of this

do not think I am I've taken this very

serious if I lived in a hot spot oh no

but i'ma tell you I'm sick of this it's

killing our businesses it is destroying

our hometown businesses the corporate

guys are gonna hang in there but not the

hometown you know the mom-and-pop

restaurants the local pub you know it's

ruin the music scene you can't go on

watch dirt bike race or in our circle

track race drag race you can't do that

anything that we like doing we can't do

okay we'll make sacrifices we'll do that

but I'll tell you what I don't like

being stacked on this and this is a bad

thing in election year it's okay now

we're gonna post all these changes what

was that last pill and voting yeah mail

and voting okay great

love it

this is the next new normal

yeah the new normal this is not a new

normal I'm not getting used to this I'm

not going to yeah dull no I'm not it I

don't see horses the cows were in a mask

why should I we all live in the country

together you know I grew up background

my mules who had asked God they're gonna

look at me they're wrong saying

something our old dad knock me down be

stompin on me yeah they're probably

right from my pocket see if I got a

horse cookie or something but now I'm

tired this the powers would be need to

be listening to the people but you

people do what everybody I know that

watches this stuff that I put up I know

you're level-headed and he wouldn't be

here if you weren't it I'm the Jackass

in a bunch not you if you're sick stay

away from other people isn't that what

we were taught by parents and

grandparents if you're gonna cough don't

expel droplets y'all coughing your


Anke what happened to freaking man

having hankies and well women that had a

tissue but we had big old hankies you

know that was a grease rag emergency

toilet paper it was everything all at


yeah yeah shirtsleeves by mr. loggers

y'all know about that one

how many is kind of a circus I missing a

piece in the bottom yep I know where

that laughing yeah I do it you don't

want to use the local vegetation too

unless you know what poison oak or

poison ivy looks like okay yeah no I

didn't experience that but I heard a guy

say that that oh no so anyways this

little rant it's not meant to make this

light of the situation but the media

jumped on board

politicians are jumping on board

everybody's pointing fingers at the next

guy and it's you know you're clucking

like freakin chicken's ass nice falling


we had Coppens right here we probably

still do the numbers never got large it

died back and I want my state open at

least my little part of it okay

so let's do something about that people

are protesting for a reason I don't

agree protesting it don't go nowhere but

this one yeah I'm sure you feel the same

way but I just wanted you to know that

no I've had it Jody two weeks get ahold

of me two weeks okay buddy

I hope you watch this I'll get to hold

you anyways I will okay enough about all

that probably YouTube will do monetize

this video but as long as we don't say

too much about coal bit in the comments

I'll probably let it slide and so that'd

be good you know we'll call it an issue

this world issue

that's blown way out of proportion in my

book yeah okay

enough is enough goodbye