How to bend drywall Part 1

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hello today I'm going to teach you how

to bend drywall at this kind of angle

this particular angle is 95 degrees over

a 2 foot span this one is just about the

same it is convex and this one is

concave to bend drywall is not easy

unless you know how that's when we teach

you how to do today you can't use 5/8 or

1/2 inch you have to use quarter-inch

and on really tight bends you've got to

use quarter-inch flexible if you'll

notice there is USG sheetrock flexible

and then there is just quarter-inch

sheetrock that is not flexible it will

Bend as proved by this corner which is a

lot softer arc over 42 inches but when

you're doing this kind of arc 95 or 100

degrees over 2 inch o 2 P you've got to

have the right stuff the first step is

to take the flexible drywall cut it to

size and go ahead and wet it now you

can't hang it wet because you'll tear

the screws right through the face paper

so what you've got to do is you've got

to take the wetness and get it into the

gypsum and then re dry it on the outside

what I've done here is I've cut it to

size I've wet both sides

you've got to wet it in proper sequence

you've got to take a sprayer I use this

one from Harbor Freight and you spray

the outside

you make it so that you can get the

water through and it's break the surface

tension you use a rag so what I did was

I wet this with a sprayer then I use the

rag and then I wet it again and the

first time you wet it if you use a rag

it'll break the surface tension and get

the water flowing into the gypsum which

is where you want it but you do not want

to hang it with dry with wet paper you

want to hang with dry paper so this

one's already been set it's already been

wet and it's already been made dried so

we're ready to go