How to bend copper pipe

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the mayor come a time when you need to

bend a piece of copper pipe it can be

difficult to bend or it can be easy to

bend then you can get special machines

for bending it if you want to do

complicated bends it is very difficult

and you need a quite a bit of experience

but to do a simple Bend it's not

difficult and you can do it with some

very basic tools one thing I'd like to

point out is if you've got a piece of

pipe that big and you consider even

bending it it's going to be extremely

difficult you're much better off with a

long piece like that that will give you

more leverage when you put in your Bend

into the pipe so the first thing you

need to do once you've cut your pipe is

to deburr it if you don't deep Berger

you're going to struggle putting your

bending spring in but we're just going

to give this a quick feed but now I'm

going to take our bending spring and you

need to get the correct size bending

swing for the pipe that you bend it in

this particular case this is a 15 mil

bending spring and this is 15 mil copper

pipe so as you take the bending spring

and feed it into the pie sometimes it's

a lot tighter fit than that and

sometimes you have to special twist it

to get it in if you want to bend further

down the pipe you should tie a piece of

swing to that end a piece of really

tough sling and then you can pull it

back out again afterwards but in this

particular case we just need to put a

bend in it about where sort once you've

got your spring in position all you need

to do is make sure it can come out you

can put a screwdriver to it if you want

to stop your going out all the way in

but you can just hold it so I'm just

going to grip it there I'll need to put

a bend in this somewhere around there so

I'm now just going to get it on mini and

I'm just going to press down

and you can see that that pipe is now

bent so I don't actually need a

90-degree Bend I just need a Bend of

approximately that angle so I'm going to

leave it at that now and I'm now going

to pull the bending spring back out once

up till night you can see that I've got

the bend in the copper pipe so what I

can do now is I can put it in position

and Academical sit using a patch lice

and I can get it to the correct length

so that's also quickly bend copper pipe