FREE conduit tubing bender for your garden hoop houses and low tunnels

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I heard him about halfway done making

the hoops for my raised beds that I'm

going to put some rope cover over this

legs already been done and you can see

it works out pretty nicely

and these hoops are made out of

half-inch conduit and they fit right

into the beds I just custom-made the

bend on there and that's why I'm going

to show you how to do today and I did it

for free with some scrap material so the

first thing was my beds are about 46

inches from the inside to the inside

walls there so when you make your jig

for this it's 1/2 inch conduit so

there's a half inch given up on each

side so you actually want the inside of

the curve to be a 45 inch curve which

means a 22 and a half inch radius of

curvature for the bed I also have about

six inches of straight tubing down at

the bottom there where it's going to go

into the ground so the curve starts even

with the top of the bed and as you can

see it turned out pretty well all the

hoops are fairly uniform and look clean

so this fabric is working quite well

keeps the dogs out and idear out and the

kids and the bugs and the wind from

destroying my garden so I'm hoping to

finish out last few hoops down here and

I'll show you how I did it okay so

here's the jig for bending the half inch

conduit for my hoops and I put down a

nail in the middle here for my pivot

point tied a string to it I cut the

string already we put a pencil on it and

then just measured out from here all the

way to the first nail this one to be my

distance that I want for my radius since

I want it to be about 45 all the way

across for the inside of my curve so I

took half that for 22 and a half inches

to this first nail I put it about two

inches or so away from the end same with

the the pivot point here I put about a

couple inches on the end and then I did

all the way over here take your string

and then just swing a big arc all the

way across the top there and pencil it

out then I just took a bunch of wood

screws a couple inches long just drill

them right through this old piece of sub

that I had laying around made an arc out

of the screws left them about an inch

tall or so and then on the starting side

here I screw down a 2x4 and I had an

extend about six inches from here to

here to give me the straight part for my

hoops that will go on the ground so to

use it basically just stick the piece of

conduit in to about here so that lines

up just down the tunnel and then grab

the end and then just start bending it

around the curve until you come out to

this side and then if you have any extra

over here just cut it off at about six

inches I did have a piece of wood over

on this side but it was kind of a pain

to get to lock in there and had to fight

the metal the screws do get bent up a

little bit and I would recommend having

a lot of screws at the beginning because

it takes a good bit of the force and

they do kind of get bent up it doesn't

work very well with three-quarter inch

or inch conduit it's justice to hard to

bend it'll Bend and screws over from

what I've tried so it works with

half-inch but not with the thicker stuff

that I've tried