Bending Thin Wall Chromoly Tubing

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all right so they going to show you some

tricks on a Bailey RDB 250 preventing

some thin-wall chromoly sis for an

in-house project we're doing in an

updated roll cage for my personal

racecar it's a 25 5 update a lot of thin

wall chromoly in that spec this material

is inch and a half of 65 we're gonna be

bending it on a five and a half inch

radius which technically by the book

shouldn't work on this tight of a radius

but I'll show you a few tricks

that allow this to to work first of all

this is a brand new die so there's

plenty of pinch in the bronze insert

here the former die itself has a lot of

pinch in it as well so very little

weight on the die now that's a pretty

important part of this on top of that

we've got some high pressure bending

Lube in the counter bend die here and

then we're also going to clamp it to the

former die to prevent any slippage

this material has got a lot of spring

back in it as well

gonna make a 90-degree Bend and have

eight degrees of spring back programmed

into the machine

another key aspect here is to use a lot

of counter dive pressure to help force

that material to maintain its shape is

what it's going to want to do is wrinkle

on the inside of the bend and get very

flat on the outside without this counter

die pressure so

as you can see we ended up with a real

nice Bend very little bump at the will

to start in stop the bend and both the

inside wall and the outside wall are

nice and round it's no flattening and no