How to Bend a CD for Crafting

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I'm going to show you how I bend CDs to

use for various craft projects you need

a small tea candle of some sort it's

best if it's fairly new and hasn't been

burnt down in otherwise when you put

things over it it tends to make it go

out quicker if it's been made concave

too much light your match and light your

candle and you just take a regular CD

it's best if they're playing and don't

you don't want to have paper and that

type of stuff on there gets kind of

messy so just a plain regular CD and

this one I'm going to make into a

bookend so I'm going to take a pencil

and mark the area that I want to bend it

on and I'm just doing this eyeballing at

this time normally I measure it because

I want to match you set so I've made my

line now I'm going to swipe it across

the candle to heat the CD until it bends

I usually do this about 20 times or so

before it starts to actually get soft

enough to Bend just to make sure you're

keeping it right on the area that you

want to bend on and you want your CD to

it can barely touch the tip of the

candle now after I've done it about 20

times or so and different CDs are going

to be a little bit different depending

on I guess how thick they are but then I

start to actually bow it so that as it

gets warm enough it will start to bend

right on that line it's already starting

right now and if one side is going a

little slower you can actually just do

that side a little bit extra this one

you can see it's bending very nicely try

to I usually over bend it a little bit

and then I can adjust it back as needed

really quickly

and there you have it I'm going to blow

out my candle now it will puts it on the

bottom sometimes a heavy amount of soot

and all you need to do is wait for it to

cool and thats it just wipes right off

and then you can paint it glue paper on

it decorate it however you want for your

craft project