Manipulating Calla Lilies

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hello welcome to design time I'm Jackie

lacy today I wanted to talk a little bit

about manipulating calla lilies I know a

lot of us love to use calla lilies

they're beautiful elegant flower it

stands alone if you're going to be using

the large what's known as an open cut

calla lily a lot of times they're kind

of pricey so we only use a few of them

but we want to be able to manipulate

them when we're looking at ordering

we'll often get the open cut calla lily

in like this it's completely closed up I

call it a candlestick because it

basically looks like a candlestick it's

tall and narrow doesn't have the

elegance that an open cut calla lily can

so we want to try to help nature along a

little bit by opening up and

manipulating it but you have to be very

careful when it comes to calla lilies a

lot of times you can bruise or damage

the flesh of the floral product by

handling it too much so you're going to

want to make sure that your hands are

nice and cold either wrap them around

the glass container I know this sounds

very uncomfortable but soaking them in

ice water is the optimum because it

brings your temperature way down so it's

going to also help protect the floral

product but if we use our one thumb on

the underside take our other thumb and

we're just going to help unroll that

tightly-bound bloom very gently by

pulling it open and we can start to see

the interior of the calla lily now once

you get it opened a little bit you're

going to want to let it rest or let it

sit in the container these were opened

about an hour or so ago and every little

bit I may go by

and run my hand in there another thing

you can do is if you saturate or soak

either some batting material or a little

bit of a cotton you can take a few

cotton balls paper towel

soak it completely in water and stuff it

on the inside you can see how it would

prop open the bloom by propping that

bloom open and leaving it at room

temperature we're going to allow that to

breathe and relax a little bit and then

we get a much more beautiful calla lily

that's something that really states its

true value because when people look at

calla lilies they recognize that they're

an expensive floral product one of the

other things that a lot of times when we

get the calla lilies in their come in in

a group of 10 so in the entire bunch we

have some of those that have those

beautiful perfectly open front facing

blooms but that's really rare most of

the time we're going to get them like

this where they're curving in an

opposite direction than what we really

want them to if you will allow them to

just lay in your desk kind of like I

have done these here for a little bit so

that they can come to room temperature

then you can make them must move much

more malleable by just helping redirect

that curve so it curves in a natural

forward facing manner so that you can

truly see the beautiful open calla lily

that's really important especially if

you're using these for a cascading

bouquet or a waterfall bouquet you want

something that pitches forward but that

you can truly see the bloom if you're

going to use calla lilies in something

that's either tight or round like this

you're going to want something that

curves really well on the inside and if

you try to take this which is still very

crisp because it was left in the cooler

and in the water you can see how it's

starting to get a little challenging to

get that nice curve

there and you don't want to damage the

bloom we made it happen but what

happened because we're forcing it it's

starting to bend at the top again let it

lay on your table for a little bit calla

lilies contain a lot of moisture so they

have plenty of moisture inside them but

because now it's at room temperature as

I begin to manipulate the stem and push

those fibers in the direction that I

want it to go it's much easier to place

that inside this tightly curved cylinder

and not damage or bend the stem

we've curved it completely on the inside

there and we don't have any bends in

that stem at all one last suggestion if

I wanted to put a calla lily in here and

have that beautiful curve then I'm going

to have to manipulate it a couple of

more ways so that I can get a full

circle like that this is a little trick

again let it come to room temperature

and we're going to remove a few sections

of the outer skin of that calla lily

simply by pulling on it and you can see

how it already starts to have that

natural curve now you don't want to do

this for something where you want the

calla lilies to last for a very long

time because we're removing the ability

for that flower to retain its moisture

we've just opened it up but if this is

going out for a special event and it

just has to hold up for the event we can

see how we can still curve these and

look we can almost tie that into a

circle completely and it gives you a

couple of options to create some really

interesting and different looks with

that all-important and elegant flower

known as the calla lily hope this will

help you take some new ideas out to your

clients and give you a new option a new

way to deal with the calla lily

join us again next time for design time

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