Pipe bender | bend copper pipe

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pipe bender is a useful piece of kit if

you are installing any copper pipe this

machine can bend 15 millimeter am 22

millimeter copper pipe the machine

itself has two angles you also have two

farmers that's a twenty two millimeter

one that's the fifteen millimeter so on

and then you have an orc which also pipe

in position whilst you bend it you can

use the Machine simply by grouping the

angles like that and putting your pipe

in and bending it but it's quite

difficult doing it out there and it's a

lot easier to demonstrate how to use it

correctly in device so I'm not going to

fix this in the bench vise you'll notice

that at the end there it has got a

square piece on that makes it very easy

to fit in the vise there are a couple of

reasons why you'd bend a pipe rather

than using Ella bores it's a lot cheaper

if you bend the pipe

also there's no joint to leak and also

you get increased floor to a sweeping

Bend more than what you will do through

an L board because an elbow chemistry to

the floor of the water so I'm not going

to put that in the vise and then I'm

gonna tighten up the anvil on this

particular job we're doing it's not

critical because I'm just showing you

how to actually use a machine but if you

were doing quite a few bends it will be

better if you actually leveled the

machine off in the vise you get it level

in both directions it is a lot easier

doing some kinds of bends because

instead of using the back of the eye you

can then use your spirit level to check

that your pipe is straight we'll cover

that in some future videos so often I'm

just going to get this somewhat level

then I'll cite it on device for this

demonstration I'm going to bend a piece

of 15 mil copper pipe and the piece of

22 mil I've cut the source they are

exactly the same length because when you

bend a pipe a pipe actually grows by the

width the pipe that you are bending saw

with 15 mil 22 milli started critical if

you were on site and you were bending a

three-inch pad for a 4-inch pipe if you

don't work out correctly where you bend

are supposed to be you can be 3/4 or

even 18 mm the pipe so a 15 millimeter

pipe which is 15 millimetres outside

diameter that will glow by 15

millimetres when you bend it the 22 milk

or by 22 mil which will be 11 mil in

each direction I'm not going to

demonstrate that to you and we're not

going to do a simple 90 degree Bend on

both of these pieces of copper pipe now

I'm just going to put the pipe in into

the former and we're just going to lift

that up or I'm just going to bend the

pay double all the pipe without see it

falling out of the pipe bending machine

we're now going to get the guide the

guide is profiled the same profile as

the copper tube now I'm just going to

slide that on there and push it we're

just going to pull the anvil now so that

it just starts to grip the tube and now

take a square we can push the square

against natural for me and now I'm just

going to push the path back so that we

get it in the correct position so I've

actually drawn a line on each piece of

the tubing in the exact centre once

that's in the correct place and then I'm

going to pull on the Andal and that will

then start the tube so I'm just going to

pull that round you can see that that is

now bending

we're now just going to check on the top

using a squirt to see exactly where 90

degrees is and you can see that that

needs to move considerably more to get

it to 90 degrees what have you been in

anything like this you just need to go

up past so we just need to walk past 90

degrees because it will look screen back

slightly so we just need to go a little

bit why we've now been up to 90 degrees

can now see at the guy dolls and pull

the pipe out see that there we have a 90

degree Bend we'll just check out using

the squirt and you can see that that is

bent at 90 degrees and as I said earlier

you do get a long sweeping Bend with a

bender which is what better than using

an elbow now I'm going to do exactly the

same using the 22 millimeter 5 so I'll

just try to get up around there this

time you need the larger farmer again

you need the profile side against the


and we're just going to use the square

to square up hide and get it in the

exact right position which is right we

can now pull on the pipe bender it is a

little bit harder bending 22 mother

and I'll just take a look at that nice

about a little bit forever

that should be about right now just

going to remove the guide then we'll

just remove the pipe you can see that

that is also bent that's 90 degrees you

can now see that we've got the 15

millimeter pipe under twenty two

millimeter pay and you'll notice that

the 22 millimeter pipe has grown more

than what the 15 millions of pipe adds

so that's something to consider when you

are bending pipes the pipe will grow by

the diameter of the pipe that you are

bending you can see that the pipe bender

gives you a very neat Bend even on this

22 millimeter copper pipe if you try to

bend that using a pipe bending spring it

would be incredibly difficult trying to

bend that piece of pipe because it is so

short even bending a long piece of 22

millimeter pay with a pipe bending

spring is difficult using a pipe bender

is a lot easier you also get a very very

neat Bend