Gymnastics At Home: Backbend Challenge! Flexibility Workout & Stretches, How to do a Back Bend!

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hey guys welcome to the joy of

gymnastics I'm coach joy today we are

going to be working on our back bends

which will lead into our second video

where we take these poses even further

and work on our scorpion let's get


reach back to tuck your toes under

sitting right on the backs of our heels

we're going to reach our right arm up

nice and tall and lean out to the left

really working to open the side of our

spines here and the ribcage taking some

breaths and inhale to sit back up

exhaling reaching the left arm up and

out to the side again really expanding

the ribcage with our breath finding some

space in our spines keeping that

shoulder rolled back and inhale sitting

up to Center we're going to plant our

hands down in front of us coming into a

cat cow pose here taking the knees out

just under the hips nice flat back

slight bend in the elbows on our inhale

we're dropping the belly lifting the

chest pulling those shoulders back and

down and exhaling starting by tucking

the tailbone then rounding the spine

pushing the mat away then moving with

your breath here just a few times

really want to warm up the spine here

open the chest all things that go into

our back bends and one more moving with

the breath and just holding a neutral

spine for a moment then you can step out

the hands slightly go for a modified

chaturanga here lowering the belly to

the floor next we're going to face our

palms down and we're going to raise that

chest up bringing the feet with us for a

nice locust pose hold here try and lift

reaching up up up my shoulders are

rolled back and down

my neck is nice and long and exhaling to

lower down this time when we come back

up we're going to go for a half bow now

so we're going to inhale rise up now we

can take our left foot here you can go

hand in or hand out and pressing that

foot into our hand to lift and pull our

chest away holding here and exhale

slowly lowering down no slingshots

and inhale rise up now we're going to go

for the left foot once I grasp onto that

ankle I'm going to lift and pull that

foot away from me which as you can see

lifts and brings my chest with me this

is too much on your hip so you can fold

up your mat lay down a towel whatever

works best for you

on your exhale I'm going to slowly lower

down out of that taking a moment here

when we come back we're going to go into

our full bow pose inhale rise up

reaching for the ankles once you have

the ankles you can press the feet away

which again takes the chest try and

avoid rocking here we want to find that

balance really laying your shoulders

reach back peeling that front chest open

and slowly exhaling to lower it down now

we're going to place our hands just

below our shoulders and we're going to

press up into our modified up dog here

and then if you can try walking the

hands back and really we're reaching

those shoulders back and down to peel

the chest open reaching for your feet

your hips need to come apart a little to

make space for your spine that's okay

and exhale slowly lowering down on your

next inhale lifting up again if your

shoulders are here you're not going to

really be able to reach back so you want

to see them he'll open reaching behind

to help lift the chest holding breathing

and exhale slowly lowering down this

time we're going to do the same thing

but then we'll add our feet to it

so we'll inhale rise up walking the

hands back if you have room your spine

then when you're ready bending the knees

again really reaching for those toes

should be more in your chest in your

back and in your neck and exhale

who's slowly lowering down hmm

whenever you're ready we're going to

press back into it quick Child's Pose we

don't want to counter our back bends too

much here I want everything to stay open

so I'm going to scoot my feet through

flip on over we're going to prepare for

our bridge pose again shoulders are

always planted underneath the spine make

sure you can reach for the backs of your

heels they can come out a little bit

wider than your hips that'll make space

for your spine and then on your inhale

reaching up we're pressing our feet into

the mat here as you can see my toes are

free and I'm trying to reach my hips up

and forward towards my face and hold

here squeezing that imaginary ball

between the knees pulling in towards the


and exhale slowly lowering down and two

more times here inhaling pressing back

up you can clasp the hands pulling the

shoulders underneath your back crossing

crossing reaching higher and higher

pressing those lips through on exhale

slowly lowering down can sway those

knees side to side relax the hips a

little and one last time inhaling

pressing those hips high clasping the

hands tucking the shoulders and rooting

through those feet to rise up through

the hips and spine

and exhale again you can do another

quick little tuck here not trying to

reverse stretching that we're doing now

if you're ready for your bridge your

full bridge or wheel pose you can go

ahead and join us there but if you're

not you can stay in your bridge pose

that we've been practicing and

eventually work your way up to a full

wheel so I'm going to take my hands like

I'm holding a pizza pie and I'm going to

plant them underneath my shoulders my

elbows aren't falling out I'm keeping

them nice and pulled in up towards the

ceiling gripping the mat I'm going to

inhale pressing up through the hips and

the hands if you have space go ahead and

walk your hands back and then press

through those shoulders so you really

want to open the chest here and then

exhale bending the knees if you can bend

the elbows reaching your head towards

your heels and back up pressing through

and exhale back and forth with your

breath and one more time

and exhale tuck the chip slowly lowering

the spine quick little knee grab here

alright and then we're going to cross

the ankles sitting up if you can try and

reach oh those legs through so coming to

our knees we're going to take them just

a little bit wider than our hips if you

still are looking for that space in your

spine we're going to reach into this

three times then go to our full extent

so again we want to press through with

the pelvis reaching the shoulders back

as I push forward that allows my

shoulders to come back so as you can see

I'm walking my hands down the backs of

my legs and if you're just here that's

quite alright just coming to whatever

you can letting the head drop kind of

rocking here I like to trick the body

sometimes into relaxing into a pose and

inhale trying to lift up with your whole

body not one than the other but if you

need to that's okay and a couple more

times so inhaling pressing through

reaching the arms back and down as you

can see I've got my knee brace on is so

helpful have an IT band injury

but I'm working through and just helps

to add a little support in my practice

and inhale reaching up full body can you

wiggle this out a little bit you can all

right now we're going to reach back for

the full extent of our pose here but no

matter where you're at in your practice

that's okay just keep coming back to

this and you'll get there so again I'm

going to inhale pushing the pelvis

through reaching those shoulders back

and down walking my hands when you're

ready you can take your hands over your

head walking them towards your feet and

slowly lowering your face to the mat but

if you're still up supported by your

hands that's okay

and breathe

again I'm going to press my hips forward

to help pull me up oh and now we can

take a simple Child's Pose

Oh stretching out that spine good job

thank you so much for joining me in this

practice again just keep coming back to

it if you weren't able to get into your

full backbend yet that's alright the

more you practice the easier it'll come

you can also use this video in

conjunction with our scorpion video

which just furthers your backbend

practice thank you so much