Bend aluminum angle using wood!

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I'm gonna try to replace this wheel well

trim it had some aluminum trim here

originally but it was a so mangled when

I pulled it off the trailer

uh-huh so I got some 1 by 1 by 16th

angle aluminum and I'm going to try to

bend it to match this profile it's going

to be difficult but we're gonna add some

heat I'm gonna try to make a form out of

this piece of wood so I'm gonna get this

piece of 2x8 clamped in here and we'll

draw this shape out on it

got a couple clamps put in there so it

is try to keep this top edge of the

board about flush with the the bottom of

the framing here so I don't to cut this

straight line so we can leave that so

I'll go ahead and mark this out mark the

curve on here

not too bad you have to be a perfect

I guess but a little bit off down

here they're gonna work a cut a four

foot section of the aluminum angle drew

a center line on it its center line on

the wood I've got I've got two C clamps

on here on here holding it down on top

of the wood got it chucked up in my

Rockwell Jost and you know this thing

was pretty it seemed kind of gimmicky

when I first bought it but I use this

thing all the time it's pretty awesome

and it's got a little clamp here that

tightens up in the two dimensional

lumber fits right in here so I'm gonna

get some heat try to still gonna bend

this angle down and around

so I've got my burns ematic torch here

go ahead and fire it up and I'm gonna

try to heat this leg because this leg

actually has to stretch this leg in here

has to bend the easy way this leg has to

bend the hard way which means it has to

stretch the material around the radius

so we'll see how this goes I don't

really care if the wood burns

this picture twice it burns a little bit

- not a bit yeah

a little bit of weight on it


keep following it down that the heat you

want to keep the heat behind the Ben

samarium on your part

I'm going to need to keep a hammer out

ball peen hammer

Pete it and I had to put the coke down



so it's you need exactly bending that

leg underneath there it's not warming to

the wood

I can do here

you get a plenty hot

before the court

get in there and hit that sharp get

right inside this and we grab a dowel

piece of wood block

exactly get that last little bit to form

in there

what I'm wondering is if that's good

enough so we're gonna end up cutting it

right here guys I gotta say I think this

turned out pretty dang good

so I slam I plant it up in there with my

hand and you know I kind of took some of

the bend out actually that was right

here just with my hand I kind of put

some more Bend on that side and I think

it looks pretty good for my we paid nine

dollars for this eight-foot trunka

aluminum angle at the steel shop you're

gonna pay a lot more for that if you get

it at Lowe's or Home Depot but so what

I'm going to do is trim off down here

mark this off cut it throw some screws

in it next and you'll see now if I had

to do it over and maybe down the road I

might do it again I might go with inch

and a half angle because if you look

here it almost doesn't cover the staples

that are holding the skin on right there

in there but I'll tell some butyl tape

in there and I think I think it's gonna

cover it okay but if I figure that I'll

have a problem later I might go with

Anton half cuz it was pretty easy to

bend that so I you know another half

inch on the leg I might make it a little

more difficult but I think I'd go with

inch and a half next time but it does

match my paint stripe pretty good with

that that's an inch so anyway you'll get

this trim debt cut off the excess put

some holes in it from Melanie and let's

throw some butyl tape on it I'm gonna

get it mounted in there nice strip butyl

tape in there now I consider not even

putting any bo tape because well that's

just trap moisture in there but there's

some staple holes here on the trailer

that go up on against this so I think

it'd be a good idea to put that butyl

tape in there let's get it Monday

well there it is installed I think it

looks pretty good pretty good so I'll

get to get up there hubcaps on there get

that finished out yeah what was on there

before I don't know if they had a couple

of flat tires blowouts or what but it

was mangled it just wasn't savable so I

think this looks a lot better let me

know what you think hit that like button

alright guys thank you