Fast, Precision Aluminum Sheet Cuts with a Brake and Olfa knife

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this week we feature a tip for you

scratch builders we have another nice

way to cut long pieces of aluminum using

the Alpha knife technique we have shown

this before but this time our guest is

Chris bolting house who has come up with

a unique way of reducing the number of

strokes you need to make with the knife

to make these very accurate long cuts he

uses his bending break along with the

Olfa knife let's take a look at how he

does this we're going to show how quick

and easy it is to use the Alpha cutter

thing and the bending break to make

strips for standard ales or anything

else to have to cut long straight lines

so I've measured this off I've got it

clamps in the bending break and you can

see I pulled out the suit bolts of the

sheets top all through you just take the

Olfa draw it down your nice straight

edge of your clamping leave there's one

back to the other end

ah don't do that there's a bad spot that

I'll have to not use you go a little

slower it tends to follow the first path

really well now when you approach where

it went off the track yep be careful a

little bit again so that's three I'll do

four for good measure this is 25.4 SIF

you've got thicker material you'll have

to do additional passes and the more

time you take here to make sure that

they stay in the same path the less

deeper and you'll have to do and you're

done now we can take little let's bring

the dustpan get some of the little

squiggles off because I discovered that

you let those get under your brake under

your clamping leaf it will make dents in

future parts this is good then you just

this right here crack push it back down

with your hand sometimes it takes a

second done

and thank you Chris for sharing that

with us remember the beauty of this

technique is that it only took four

strokes of the Olfa knife rather than

the usual 15 to 20 so that can really

speed up your process of creating cuts

in your aluminum if you are interested

in more scratch building techniques be

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