Illustrator - Scale and Bend Shapes along a Path - Get them to Point in the Right Direction

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hello I'm Helen Bradley welcome to this

video tutorial today we're going to look

at blending and scaling shapes along a

line in Illustrator and we're going to

look at something other than the blend

tool as a possible solution but before

we get to the other solution let's have

a look at the blend tool solution I have

two shapes here they're identical it's

just that this one is a smaller version

of this I'm going to select over both of

these shapes and I'm going to make a

blend out of them so I'm going to the

blend tool that's going to click on that

I'm going to click on one shape click on

the second shape and then I'm going to

double click on the blend tool so that I

can set it to specified steps and it's

going to increase the number of steps so

that we get a good transition from big

to small I'm gonna make a duplicate of

this because I want to keep one copy as

a reference typically if you wanted to

put this along a path you would select

the blend and the path that you want to

put it along and then you would choose

object blend and then choose replace

fine and that puts the blended objects

along that path it's just that it's been

spectacularly unsuccessful in this case

if I double click on this shape and

choose a different orientation it's

really not helping me at all the blend

is just not traveling along the path in

the way that I want it to I want it to

look like this but right along the path

so I'm just going to delete that because

it's not going to be what I want and

let's have a look at an alternate

solution I'm going to go and select this

shape here I'm going to make a duplicate

by alt dragging a duplicate away and

this one I'm going to size down quite a

bit but I am going to increase its

stroke a little bit so it's a little bit

more balanced gonna make sure it's

centered and I'm going to make my blend

I'm going to double click on the blend

tool and I'm going to again make some

more shapes I'm going to choose

specified steps and increase the number

of shapes

until I have something I like at this

point I'm going to burst this blend out

so I'm going to choose object and then

blend and I'm going to choose expand

what that does is that breaks the blend

out so I just have a series of shape so

I've got a series of paths here that are

decreasing in size so let's just tuck

that out of the way so I'm going to

select all of these shapes here now and

I'm going to make an art brush out of

them so I'm going to click new brush and

then art brush and click okay because

I'm getting to that from the brushes

panel now I'm noting that my brushes are

currently going to paint from the top

down that's fine or you can flip it if

you want to just really depends on how

you're thinking of making the stroke

that you want the brush to be appended

to I can choose scale proportionately or

stretch to fit stroke length it doesn't

really matter because you can test it

later on and change it if you want to if

you want to be able to change the color

of this you'll set the method of

colorization to tints and just click OK

so now I'm going to go and get my

paintbrush I'm going to select my new

brush and I'm going to draw the shape

that I want my path to follow so you can

see this time we've got a very different

result in our blended shape we've got a

series of shapes that go from big to

small and they're going along a path now

if you want to be a bit more accurate

with your path you don't have to use the

brush tool I'm going to use the pen tool

I'm going to click and drag and then

come up here and click and drag to

create my line I'll press escape when

I'm done now I'm going to select the

line with the selection tool and then

click here on the brush and that's going

to apply the brush to my line again you

can see that we're getting a much better

result for our blend than we were

getting when we tried to replace the

spine for our blend so anytime you want

to get something that looks like this

with a series of shapes running along a

path really really

nicely going from large to small

consider using your blend to make your

series of shapes and then breaking it

out and making an art brush from it and

then applying that art brush to a line

my name's Helen Bradley thank you so

much for joining me for this video

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