Bend Objects in Illustrator CS6 - Bend Poker Cards

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I wrote a little 16 page booklet on

bluffing in Texas Holdem goes and love

to play the game and this was a school

project but anyhow you'll notice here I

bent the cards so I'm going to show you

how to create this effect right here

there's the actual one I used on that

cover I'll close out of here so you know

this first thing I did is I got me a

couple poker cards here a couple aces

and I put it on my green felt table just

give it some poker realism here first

thing I want to do is I want to overlap

these cards well actually we'll create a

gradient on them first we'll create a

bit of a shadow look to them so we have

a couple cards here I put it on a

simulated green felt just for a little

bit of realism won't create us a grade

yet so to give it the shadow fat will go

black on one side and white on another

we get out here let's uh flip it up flip

it the other way it's 90 degrees there

we go and let's see what Justin will

make this a little lighter here let's go

about that color right there

we give it a shadow effect because when

we are go to bend them you don't need to

shadow to fully complete the effect all

right let's see here

I want to give it a let's give it a

multiply on that it'll multiply on this

and this bring your shadow into it I

don't know if it's gonna fact this or

not but we'll do it anyway probably not

really alright so we got our shadow

effect now what we want to do we want to

grab this card let me lock that

background set don't happen again

we'll go ahead and group this group both

cards group and over this one group will

grab this one will drag it over this one

right here that's I'll bring it out a

little bit more like that I guess we

didn't need to do to multiply on the

bottom did we but anyhow we're going to

cut these cards in order to get this

effect we don't need the whole card we

just need part of it so we will do get

our line segment tool and let's draw a

straight line say and hold my shift key

so you get a straight line there we go

right to that and now let's go to object

where's that let's see how view path

divided objects below and now we should

be able to remove these two bottom

objects here

there we go

let's go ahead and on the group just so

we get rid of those bottom A's there

forgot about that

let's go back

we only need the bottom part of that off

there we go

just double-clicking it to isolate it

like that and double click back double

click on it isolate there we go no

lighters there we go let's get this get

rid of that there all right now we have

those let's go ahead and select them

both it's got an object and we see

where's the envelope distort and make

with mesh and the normal default is to

come up four rows and four columns we

just need one of each and click OK now

there's our message you can see our

messages all the way around it now that

the mesh is made if you take a direct

select tool and you click on a corner

you'll see some ink some handles are now

made for distorting stuff I want to go

ahead and set that back to where it was

let me Center this up a little bit so

and see what we're going going to do

here move these two points here

simultaneously so I can mark him and

drag it just a little bit to the left

I'll say about that far and now these

two points here I'm going to want to

move this way simultaneously so I'm

gonna grab chair tool you'll find

underneath your scale tool right there

and then hold the shift key click and

drag just a little bit to the right let

go and now I want to drag this down some

so I want to get the scale tool again

you'll find that up underneath up you'll

find it right there where we found the

shear tool will come off to the side

hold shift and click and pull it down


and there you have it pink cards I

really that's all there is to it you

just play with your tool and scale tool

you manage tool and you know and figure

out all different ways you can make

things Bend and for more videos on the

illustrator Photoshop Dreamweaver

wordpress and some programming languages

you can visit my website