heat bending aluminum how to bend aluminum

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like a he's bending aluminum what you

need to do it is one of these torches

works really well because it can stand

up on its own and you know it

automatically lights you know so you can

stand up there and do it alone

I definitely definitely need some

welding gloves because you're dealing

with hot material and I like to use some

flat pliers if we're going to use them

these pliers are kind of cool because

they see how they open and close flap

but I may not be able to use these it's

really hard to use with gloves on so I

mean I can hold it with one hand here

with a glove on and then bend it which

I'll do with that just to show you when

you get to the second or third bin okay

so you need it for

about 20 to 30 seconds

and you only get one shot if you have to

bend it twice

it'll probably break so you didn't mind

it make your bed boys and then they will

I could throw off the yoke or my hand or

my hands so don't throw it off right

here at 7 seconds 30 seconds I count two

I count to 20

you just bend it once once all i've been

in my aluminum don't look at it this way

just a little extra tweak in there and

it's already starting to cool a little

bit it's still too hot to touch you bend

it once if you try and bend it two or

three times it's over it'll just break

off and we can loom them too much don't

eat up the next one here


or a can




45 seconds to show

it's still quite not quite hot enough it

shits in about 30 seconds so try to

match up down here I bent that's how I'm

doing my curtain rods now if you were

going to do this repetitively you want

to take a steel plate and put pins on it

and then just bend it around each pin so

if I end up making more of these I'll

probably bend it with a with a pin board

so it'd be a lot faster you just put it

around put it down in there and bend it

spinning around the pins and and then

you're done and then it'll be obviously

be the same so but this is how you've

been to aluminum if you have a little

project you want to bend aluminum it

bends once keep that in mind and you

know feel like I want to heat that up

again and Bend it again more than likely

it's just going to break it's going to

weaken it so much too that it's just

going to be really fragile

in fact so let me show you this real

steep band I got to do real quick here

market I'll just go ahead and mark it

real quick

I'll just put a little mark on my mantle

so I can see

then I'll just go ahead and heat up that


all right

that way



20 beds 10 milliseconds

thirty seconds of the play

like great even bid sorry guys I had to

particularly with camera the grandma

Heatherton tears

we'll start very well


it's the only way to get exactly you if

you do without heating it then you're

going to have problems so go ahead and

make my bend there match it up to the

other one right first set work one way

around do all the bends I need to make

pieces done that's pretty much how you

do it keep bending aluminum alright I'll

talk to you guys in the next video