How to "Weld" Aluminum Without a Welder

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you'll need some aluminum tubing and a

propane torch the blue burns o matic

will work just fine but I prefer using

the yellow premium torch as it's hotter

and works much quicker you'll also need

some aluminum brazing rods I purchase

all of these things at Home Depot what I

like about using aluminum is it's soft

enough to cut with ordinary woodworking

saw blades I'll cut all my pieces to

length using my miter saw

then I'll chamfer the edges to allow a

channel for the brazing material before

brazing it's very important that the

aluminum is clean clamp up the tubing

and start heating the aluminum with a

propane torch aluminum will start to

melt at 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit but the

brazing rod will melt at around 700

degrees so we want to get the aluminum

hot enough to melt the rod without

melting the tubing getting the tubing

hot enough may take up to four to five

minutes you'll know when it's hot enough

when the rod starts to melt on contact

rub the brazing rod along the channel

until it's filled in and finish it off

with some more heat

if you don't get the aluminum hot enough

the brazing rod will just clump up and

not stick to the tubing this takes some

patience and practice as my first few

tries resulted in failures and ugly

joints you want to repeat the process on

all four sides of the tubing for a

strong joint

and that's all it takes to bond aluminum

without a welder these aluminum legs

will be used as a base for a coffee

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