The Wrong / Right Way to Bend Aluminum

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the wrong way and the right way to bend

a lumen I take a look at the wrong way

oh well that did it that was the wrong

way a costly mistake screw up now you

might be wondering what this piece of

metal is about well this is a the right

way to bend it and the complete project

this is going to be a mounting plate for

the equipment you see here and x2

underwater camera some flotation and

Dorothy frog light and flex arm now what

I did is I made some successful bins

Cole bins with this material right here

which is 3/4 by 1/8 inch a thinner

material a slightly different alloy I

made another bin here with this item you

see a double Bend because I'm gonna I

can attach another light right here now

what I should have done is this alloy

here may have been it's thicker the may

bend it's a slightly different alloy and

it may have had more tensile strength

and less yield so when I bent it snap

now well I could have done when I was

fabricating this and cutting the pieces

out I could have taken this scrap piece

put it in the vise and bent it and it

would have saved me all that time and

effort anyway I went ahead and put the

time in and put together a whole new

project and I put it between a tooth

paper lumber like this to insulate it in

the vise now if you take this piece of

metal and you heat it the heat will go

from here to here all through it very

very fast if you have it clamped and

advice that he will transfer into the

vise and you lose some of your

sure this way by having it insulated

I'll have a little bit longer time to

retain that heat and make my bin now to

make my bin I needed to come to the

right temperature to make that to reach

that temperature I didn't have one of

them fancy crayon items that you put on

here and it melts at a certain

temperature but I use a trick we use

years back and when we are TIG welding

this material I took and I heated it and

when I put wood on there and it made a

sear mark I knew I was approximately 400

degrees I hated it a little bit more

than made the bin let's go ahead and

have to take a look at how we made the



put this on here I did a thought mark




we give it hot enough to wear chars and

that's a little trick I have I learned

that long fifty years ago from a guy

working them the fence plant good weld

good TIG weld magnesium that's a pretty

good deal when you can TIG weld

magnesium heats oh yes

too fast

that's been it let it cool off slow

pretty even now all i gotta do is mount

my equipment to it and that'll be the

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