How to Bend Air like a Real Air Bender | Yo Samo

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hey check this out we always had a

question can you really blow out a

candle just by pushing over there first

started with tangent lines and then we

bumped it up to birthday candles scented

candles rested on German wax candles

which is one of the hardest candles to

blow out I found the best technique is

to first bring your hands together pull

in the air and then push it out together

you're shooting basketballs flick of the

wrist and of you're blowing out candles

think of the list I do is I bring the

air in and I clap it back four inches

that makes six feet two inches okay


we've been experimenting with bouncing

the air off the walls and we've gotten

pretty good at it


everyone for 10 feet

I built this one I guess more though err

vertices around me so I can get a better

push and get the candle to blow up from

farther distances I made this one