Wire Bending Beginner (Part 2)

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hello it's Kate again this is a part two

of the wire bending exercises for

beginner if you're following along you

can get the these you can print your own

paper I've made them available at

designer retainer calm and you can click

on the link for wire bending 101 so

hopefully you guys have been practicing

and getting better maybe even better

than me but for those of you out there

that want it to see how I did these

exercises myself well here it is I have

my o'the Rio wire right here I have my

handy-dandy bird beaks and my three

prong so we'll see how far we can get on

these today I don't want to make these

too long

of course the further we go the longer

each one's going to take to make so

let's get started all right so I you I'm

just going to start with oh I'm up in


my little holder that I made with stone

embedded a pinhead into it so that it is

real handy when I bend retainers some

people have been asking what it is it's

just a felt tip pen

sorry min anyway felt tip pen if I

papermate Flair em I don't know you can

get the non-toxic stuff because you're

going to get it all of your fingers when

you're done with the day but it makes a

great contrasting black mark that you

can see and when you're done with that

mark it just rubs off so you don't have

to worry about it

lingering I never did like the China

markers the tips are always I never

could keep them sharp enough alright so

we're going to start on one end and work

my way around I'm going to line it up


mark it

let's do this side with

and notice I was on the inside of that

mark because I marked right on the line

right on the corner so I grabbed it on

the inside of that mark and VIN it so

the mark is at the actual corner and

setteth right before the corner okay

check it back on the paper we're good I

need to just open it up a little

same thing this time I'm gonna do with

my three prong here's the tricky part

we're going to show you all this all

right okay how to move the camera a

little bit or aka iPhone around a little

bit so you could see this because it's

very important depending on where I grab

it to bend it I think I've already went

over this and last one going to recap it

I don't want this angled in any way like

you want this wire parallel as if you

have a piece of paper flat so use this

piece of paper flat on your pliers see

how that's perfectly level right there

if it is angled up you're going to be

out of the plane that you need so you

got to be very conscious of where your

bend is so i'll bend this straight back

OOP see it's already moved you'll move

on yet so I'm going to grab my three

prong and put it right on the mark and


you snug up that bend a little bit make

sure it's a good 90 degrees all right

okay back to the paper all right I think

we've got our angles tighten them in a

little bit

make my mark where I want to cut it

there we go

I think it got a little bit of a bend to


okay as you can tell my wire has a

little bit of a up into it you can see

that so I'm going to try to fix that

real quick all right to fix that not be

able to tell yeah you could tell I'll

hold that corner the front corner is

coming down a little bit so I'm going to

hold this corner and Bend this leg out

some there you go

all right take a look at the flatness of


we are good okay all right on to this

one ah my hands are greasy sorry about


if you ever put need to put on lotion

before you start wire bending don't I

just put on some before I filmed this

because I was bleaching some models some

disinfecting some and bleaching water

and I always dries out my hands so just

word of the wise go lenient especially

you women folk on the lotions before you

start waterbending because the wires get

really slick now how am I going to

attack this there's two ways I can

either bend it and then cut the two ends

or do like I do the other side and start

on one in and bend it around I think

what I'm going to do is I'm going to

bend this circle first and get that

right and then cut the two hands is a

lot easier so I'm just going to bend it

by hand there we go

get pretty close I'm going to take my

three prong and work on it now raise the

camera okay

mark on this curve here now what you

want to do with a three-prong it's just

barely squeezed it just barely squeezed

I hope you can see that I'm not going

all the way I'm just barely squeezing

the plier this is good practice for when

you want to make those curves

and remember this is ortho wire this

isn't a jewelry wire I believe that

that's kind of dead soft you bend it it

stays bent this you bend and it fights

back a little bit it's got a little

spring to it and that's where the

retention part comes in for the for the

retainers okay so see what I did there

okay let's try it on the paper okay so

I'm a little off I've made my curve a

little too skinny so this way for me to

fix this is to uncover it

so I've got it really pretty close as

you can tell I just need to work on this

side over here say that I need this part

to go out a little bit and then tuck the

leg part back in all right so I need

this part to go out a little bit and

then the leg part to go in

oh I messed that up don't you see that

yeah I can retell

there we go

so I'm doing I'm just kind of contouring

just by flipping the three-prong over

and then back over sometimes yeah yeah I

won't be able to see me make that flip

but if you ever hear here you are here

say I make the flip I'll hold it one way

and this make the flip sometimes you see

it sometimes you don't so I apologize if

you see the so pay attentions of

three-prong sometimes you'll see it one

way sometimes you won't I'll make the

flip off-screen and don't even realize

I'm doing it okay

that took paper

okay I think I've got the loop now it's

raised up a little bit

as you can tell think I got it on there

all right there we go now what I'm going

to do is I'm going to cut the ends and

then we'll check and see if it's flat

that another you've noticed this when I

need to pick this up off the paper

sometimes it's hard to pinch it so I'll

roll it with my thumb and bring up that

arm so I can grab it


I think I cut one leg too short or one

leg too long

there we go make a few more adjustments

all right I think that's as close as I'm

going to get there's a little bit of a

bow out check the flatness yeah flat

alright now we got these two down pretty

good you guys practice I'm going to end

it here before we get started on this

arch which will take a little bit longer

and I'll introduce you to another plier

and I think we'll take an episode for

each one of these because they'll each

take just as long I don't want to make

these too long so download the exercise

sheets if you haven't done so yet again

this is the beginner wire bending this

is part two there are four more of these

sheets and hopefully I'll be able to go

through each of them it's just going to

take a little while so practice practice

and I will see y'all next time