Learn how to do Spoon Bending with Sean McNamara using psychokinesis, telekinesis, psychic power

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if you're interested in learning how to

bend metal with your mind or in the

general topic of psychokinesis

then this video is for you I'm really

grateful to Teresa bright from the ions

group in Portland they're a great

community group associated with the

Institute of noetic Sciences they

invited me to give a presentation via

Zoom to teach them how to do spoon

bending if you're a researcher or really

interested in exploring consciousness I

invite you to watch the entire

presentation but if you're really just

interested in getting straight to the

spoon bending you'll want to get to the

middle part of the presentation and skip

the rest but all the way to the very end

people end up bending forks and spoons

and coming up with really great

questions so I hope you enjoy this




so thanks for thanks for coming tonight

and I know there's always the quality of

taking a chance you know we're gonna try

and do something well we're gonna

succeed of doing something that most

people think is impossible even today

even though student bending has been

around for a long time you know the

originator of the the spoon bending

party Jack was doing this back in the

70s so you know maybe some of you have

been to the spoon bending parties

yourself can I see a show of hands who's

been to spoon before okay so we've got

some experienced people so that's really

great because there's a mixture of I'm

not sure if this is really gonna happen

versus I know it's happened before to me

and we're gonna do it again no problem

whatsoever and it's just a beautiful way

to show that we are interconnected with

our reality and with each other and with

the material world so there's this union

of consciousness and physicality that's

very special and I think it's at the

root of every spiritual tradition and

now it's we're finding us at the root of

things like quantum physics to where

there is something that quantum physics

and spirituality have in common this

idea that consciousness can directly

affect reality or how physical world

behaves in response so it's very

interesting today so a few years ago I

had some experiences of consciousness

and I wanted to share them with other

people primarily having an out-of-body

experience but it's not the kind of

thing that you can really show someone

because what would you see it would just

be laying there so there's not much to

see but I started to notice people on

the internet on YouTube doing this

telekinesis thing that the Theresa just

showed you moving an object from a

distance without touching it and I

wanted to learn how to do it and I think

one of the blessings of today of this

age is the Internet

because some of these things may have

seemed secretive in times past or it was

inaccessible knowledge or hidden

knowledge there thanks to Google and to


people who are willing to share this

information can share it far and wide

and people around the world are learning

this so I watch videos from people like

Trevor seven he's a big-time telekinesis

guy and some other people and join that

with what I knew about meditation from

my meditation training and I taught

myself putting all of that together how

to do it myself and so that was that was

about five years ago and I've been

teaching it ever since and I went

through a process of teaching myself

spoon bending the same way just picking

up whatever tips and tricks I could get

on the Internet and sitting alone by

myself at home on the couch with a spoon

trying to get it to bend and just you

know night after and I just tried

everything I could and one night event

in I was like well is this real I don't

know I better try and grab another spoon

so a few more nights passed and I got it

to go and eventually I convinced myself

that I was doing the real thing and then

it was time to really try it out on some

some guinea pigs so so I volunteered my

wife and one of her friends actually

that I invited them and the three of us

tried it and it worked just fine and it

was just amazing so that really broke

this open for me that you could just

show it to other people and it's a

completely natural thing there's nothing

weird about it there's no illusion

there's no mystery it's really just a

lesson in in energy work in information

transfer and the role of intention and

letting go the energy of the heart also

and also the the power of being in an

altered state of awareness because here

this is

you know does everyone remember this kid

there is no spoon you know when people

see this image this they remember him

saying there is no spoon and it's a cute

it's a cute phrase from the movie but

what it really implies is we have to

enter a different way of seeing things a

different perspective a different state

of awareness to do things like

psychokinesis it doesn't have to be all

that different but just a slightly

different state of perception and a lot

of it just has to do is stepping out of

ourselves stepping out of our sense of

well there's me over here and then

there's a piece of metal over here


and or that I'm holding this spoon and

I'm gonna bend this spoon over here like

we're two separate things all of that

has to soften during the process of

psychokinesis I'll talk a little bit

about when I was learning how to move

the little piece of tinfoil from a

distance the typical telekinesis it that

I do different things would happen over

time when I was trying to force it just

looking at it I'd sit there for 45

minutes and it wouldn't move and this

said this was for a couple of months

everyday just trying to do it and then

after I succeeded I started to work at

it but what would happen often is I get

tired or just impatient and give up and

I'd stand up to go leave the room and

walk away and then it would start moving

because I had let go my ego had just

left a project and then reality was free

to activate my intention another thing

that happens once in a while that

happened a lot back then is that when I

had used the same piece of tinfoil for a

couple of weeks in a row it's as if we

had a long-term relationship going and

sometimes when I was just walking into

the room with the intention of sitting

down in front of it to

little bit I'd walk in the room and look

at it from 20 feet away or 15 feet away

and it would just turn to look at me

of course it doesn't have eyes but it

was just it would move in response to my

presence because it had this expectation

that I was going to do it and sometimes

even when I would walk up and go away it

wouldn't do anything but then I'd be at

the door and I turned back to look and

it would start turning so time behaves

differently with pk's sometimes too and

that's why the letting go aspect is

important because we might ask the

spindle to bend right now they might

usually it doesn't it needs a little bit

of time and we have to just let go

somehow there's this it seems to be that

there's an intermediary one thing that I

realized from talking to scientists is

with the telekinesis when I'm moving

into fourth I thought well what's

happening was my mind was talking to

that piece of metal and making it move

that way now what really seems to be the

case is that my intention is for that

piece of metal to move but what's really

happening is I'm sending the request out

to this greater consciousness system and

the consciousness system is commanding

all the melt air molecules inside the

container which normally you move

randomly it's getting them to move

together to push on the object and it

gets it to move one thing I've heard

other people say a few times is that in

terms of psychokinesis or psychic

ability mother nature it tends to find

the easiest route to get the result that

you're looking for so in the case of

moving the tinfoil maybe it's easier to

lose the air inside the container then

to actually just move the object without

moving the environment around it

one thing that I've seen online and read

about in terms of spoon bending is

they've looked at the structure of the

atoms in the spoon and the molecules is

they don't look like the typical

structure when you mechanically stress

out a piece of metal it looks like a lot

of the molecules just aren't there

anymore like they went somewhere else

and there's just a whole lot less metal

inside there so of course it's easier to

bend there's also if I remember this

right it could be that the molecular

structure has just changed also making

it easier to move so there's a lot of

that and when we do spoon bending we're

not thinking okay I want all these

molecules to disappear or I'm trying to

change the molecular structure no all

we're doing is saying Bend and nature

finds a way working with our

consciousness to make it happen and it

happens but we have to use our minds in

a certain way because it's not this

everyday kind of thinking that does it

it's something a little bit different

we're still doing it we're activating a

deeper part of ourselves and we can't be

too too solid about it it's good to

treat it like an art or like a like a

nice friendly accident that happens you

know something I don't know that we can

expect it we must expect it but then we

have to let go because it's not about us

it's about something bigger at least

that's what I find is a helpful attitude

to have when doing this work so I might

just pause here since we're not in a

normal situation and see if you have any

questions up to this point I don't know

if I have a question but I would like to

say this much having taken a number of

classes on healing one of the best

healers have ever met William Bengston

his explanation of healing is very

similar to what you're talking about

with psychokinesis in other words it's

information that the universe is giving

to the person that needs the healing you

just kind of set the set the tone for

the whole thing to happen and then let

it go kind of like what you just said

oh so I just throw that out I think all

these things are sort of connected

absolutely that I'm really glad you

brought that up

I've read about two Bengston healing

method and it sounds tremendous it's

amazing the work that he's doing and the

information transfer idea I think is

really important when I teach the

telekinesis classes and even tonight

when I give the instructions for the

spoon bending you're going to hear me

saying things like the the word energy

or move your energy or send the energy

and I use that language and I tell

someone to you know send their energy to

the object that I don't today I don't

really think that there's any energy

involved is the word energy is just a

mental model to use for teaching how to

be and what really might be happening as

their consciousness is directly changing

the informational structure of reality

so this goes back to that movie The

Matrix if you remember they're looking

at on a computer screen and all the

little character is going down and

really the whole thing as a program I'm

not saying that that's what our reality

really is like but I am saying that that

does seem to be how psychokinesis works

maybe it's a better description to say

that we're reprogramming things with our

intention instead of that we're sending

some sort of energy from us out to the

object to create an effect like sending

a laser beam out or sending something

out like that or maybe it's a

combination of both because when I do

healing work I do a combination of

things I bring up a big feeling of love

I send a request out to the larger

universe and I'm really just stepping

out of the way so that the universe can

do some reprogramming of its own for the

for the patient or the client but

sometimes I do use something similar to

to what in Qigong healing you know what

they what they use in terms of directed

specific energy from the hand or just

from the intention

from the eyes who's to say that using

the energy in a directed way isn't just

a symbol for what we would like to

happen but you know when you move your

hand over someone's body with a specific

intention they can feel the contact of

your intention or are they feeling the

energy going from you to them I don't

know if there's any data or research out

there to say for sure that it's one or

the other or maybe it's both but it's

just my way of saying we don't have to

know how it works just that it does or

again that there's something listening I

think and maybe it's just a bigger part

of ourselves or maybe it's just that

place or that space where we're all

connected and where we're all one so I'm

trying to be careful when I speak this

way because when I say that some people

start rolling their eyes or you know

we're gonna get all spiritual and stuff

but this is really these kinds of things

that we do together show us that we are

powerful powerful beings in this

universe that we do matter and that our

minds are are connected with the world

around us so I wanted to understand why

after you'd had more than one experience

bending a spoon that it took that much

for you to believe you were really doing

it when you had the evidence is it

because it's such a combination of

consciousness and actual physical

pressure or what what made that a

difficult assumption for you because I'm

a stubborn self doubting son of a I

really I'm really hard on myself and

because I'd like to share everything I

learn and everything I do I really want

to make sure that I'm not fooling myself

because I don't want to fool other

people and this is an area where maybe

that's why it's still quite rare because

you know you could tell your friend hey

I went to the spoon bending part

I bent a piece of metal and half your

friends you might just see them their

eyes glaze over okay if you if you say


and I made that mistake too early when I

started doing PK I would tell my friends

hey I learned how to move an object with

my mind this is this their eyes would

just glaze over and you know I don't

know what they were thinking inside

probably poor Shawn he's lost his mind

so I just need to make sure that that

what I think is happening is really

happening because there are always other

considerations I mean the main thing

tonight is it we're gonna learn how to

how to bend the spoons and forks

we'll see how sykes successful we are

but we're gonna do it holding it with

both hands and you are gonna use a

little bit of pressure to bend it it

it's gonna bend a lot easier than it

normally would if you weren't using this

psychic technique but some people might

say well you were you were just in a

weird state and you were actually using

all your muscular strength you just

didn't notice you know so I just want to

be sure that what I think is spoon

bending is really what's happening here

and I think everybody wants to be sure

that we're not just fooling ourselves

right so but we have to we have to find

that fine line because if you just if

you just sit there with a spill and you

know I'm just okay I'm expecting it to

bad Bend although it's not bending you

know we have to try a little bit we have

to test it and don't be in the

instruction we got to test it and go

right up to what is still more psychic

than just physical strength you know we

have to go right up to that point and

some of you are probably going to have

the experience where it usually happens

with Forks where you might be trying

something or you wait and then you look

and the tines are suddenly just a little

bit like that you know and it's usually

when you're not paying all that much

attention to it or you're not focused on

it like me and the fork let's go the

sender requests or your command and then

you wait you let go

and then you look and it happened so I

don't know I think I went off tangent

therapy today no that did answer my

question because yeah having done it

before that it did take some exertion

but that exertion without the

consciousness being persuaded by the

presenter it was energy I couldn't have

done it without but then I want to know

well what about uri geller and i know

whether you've read just english labs PK

man well with with irregular it's very

interesting because he's the kind of

person who can just just hold up a spoon

in it it might melt or he could press

his thumbprint into it and he is current

videos where he does that still that i

read his autobiography and also his his

biography by and rhihub garage and in

both of those books they talk about his

childhood and adulthood encounters with

extraterrestrial beings and that's

something that a lot of people are not

aware of and he says in the books

they're working through me so when he's

on stage or on a radio show in which he

did a lot in the 70s and 80s i believe

and he would do it if people would

report that the cutlery in their kitchen

cabinet or in the kitchen drawer had

bent you know in that case I would guess

that it's those extraterrestrial forces

working through him in some way that I

can't even begin to understand but when

I read that I felt a huge wave of relief

because I was like that's a big deal

that knowing that he he's got some help

is really interesting to me and I think

because I take so long to learn what I

do I'm doing what kind of comes

naturally to any human being so I'd say

any human being who can follow

instructions and who is a good mind can

succeed at all of this stuff

now bending all the cutlery in your

kitchen on your first try you might need

some help from some other beings for

that or maybe not I mean I shouldn't be

putting any limitations on anybody but I

just want to mention that the early

Geller is incredible that in both books

that I read about him it's acknowledged

that there's another force working

through them and maybe there's another

force working through all of us right

now I have had some of my own encounters

I can't believe I just said that because

I'm not ready to be public about it but

they're only very recent and I don't

think that they have anything to do with

what we're doing tonight so sure I saw

some spoons and forks over the weekend

that had been and I picked him up and

looked at him and they were twisted and

bent in ways that I could never be able

to achieve with pliers you know or

something you couldn't have done that

with your hands without some sort of

help I guess but so that was strangely

did I answer your question was there

something after there every Geller

comment all right it's an amazing book

and the PK man for those of you don't

know Ted Owens he's someone who reached

out to Jeffrey Mishlove to talk about

his abilities he also had contact with

extraterrestrials but he could do things

like he would either predict or force to

happen incidents involving the weather

or when UFOs would appear in the sky or

I think it would affect other human

events like I don't know if sports or

certain large events that you could

verify in the newspaper so he did a lot

of that kind of thing

so very powerful person he's no longer

with us but definitely recommend reading

the pkms so there's a wide variety of

psychokinesis and it could be that we're

all using psychokinesis all the time

it's you know I would guess that half

the room if I

see one by one do you consider yourself

to be a lucky person are you the kind of

person who you know it never works out

in your way or you're the last one to

the party or you can't find a parking

spot or you've never won a lottery or a

contest or you know things like that I

think what has to do with people's

personalities is if you tend to be if

you tend to have good luck a lot of the

time it might not be luck it could be

your expectation about the events in

your life and how things will turn out

for you on a consistent basis that

you're actually affecting the randomness

of life in front of you in the future so

that it restructures so that you're

reprogramming to move a little bit more

into your fever because it's all about

probability it's all about randomness

and non randomness and we can order how

things have been to some degree I

believe largely by our attitude about

life I tend to be the more negative ia's

type okay I'm hard at myself I don't

know if it's you know something that

happened to me early on or it's just the

way I'm wired you know all our nervous

systems are wired a certain way for

survival and when we come out of the

womb and we start growing up our brains

are going to be a certain way which of

course we can change as we grow up but

sometimes people are more negative but

that's how they survive in life it just

protects them and I tend to be that way

myself so it's hard for me to create a

positive lucky stream of events for me

but somehow it still works out so I

survive in life but I think that it

could be possible that we're all using

PK all the time to affect things around

us so that we we just find our way

through life and because it's so subtle

and so pervasive we probably don't

notice it or we're probably not aware of

it so there's a book by Stephen Brody

called the limits of influence that you

might want to look up if you're

interested in the variety of peak

because it's it's not just the spoons

and it's not just moving tin flow from a

distance it's a lot of things including

energy healing and I'm curious are there

any healers in the room I think there's

there's a Liesl on healer there's a lot

of that's beautiful I'm so glad you're

here because you're bringing yourselves

here and you have this experience

already that you know what's possible

and I think that might be the most

practical and the most sacred use of PK

is when you're using your ability your

intention in your heart for the

betterment of another human being that's

really great but of course even having a

spoon bending party is for the

betterment of humanity because it shows

people that we're capable of so much

more than we might think we are and I

can change someone's perspective on life

for the better okay so do you feel ready

to play okay so I'm just gonna show you

one thing before we get started I'm

gonna show you some examples because

seeing is believing right so here's an

example of a spoon so this gives you an

idea of what you can do it's not just

bending something in half but you can

you know bend it all the way around or

you could just you know that's the most

common form which is perfectly fine to

do but I want you to notice that this is

bent towards the middle because a lot of

people bend it here where it meets the

bowl and a lot of cito skeptics think oh

that's just because that's the thinnest

part of the metal but this isn't the

finished part and definitely someone in

a group I love recently you know it's

all the way halfway through the stem of

this fork that are bent for that so it's

not always gonna happen right here

here's a very this is a very thick spoon

you probably can't tell but it's much

harder than the others but someone got a

little bit of a been there too so just

some examples that you can see the way

the way a fork or spoon bends for you is

going to be unique to you and

while we're looking for is a little bit

of a bend and that's enough to show you

that that it actually happened so before

I give the specific instructions we

should all select our spoon or fork that

we want to work with and what we're

going to do now is Teresa has sent out

your cutlery for you or maybe you

brought your own if you buy your own you

might if you feel like taking a chance

toss it in the pile just let it go and

then when it's your turn to go to the

pile and pick your item look at the

table look at the all the forks and

spoons and I want you to just relax and

ask the pile say hey which one you are

willing to bend for me tonight and look

at them and you're gonna feel a nudge in

the back of your mind or maybe in your

parts or you're gonna notice something a

little piece of metal they're saying me

pick me I'm gonna do this for you and

then Theresa if you want to just play

that background music while they select

when everyone's sitting back down we'll

continue at that point

oh here hi so hi a little nervous and I

already bread my spoon but my question

is is that what do you define if you're

not thinking about bending a spoon or

anything and then all of a sudden you

get this kind of good rush of feeling

and it could be random you could be

sleeping you could be in the middle of

the day and then you can just go Bend

screws just the whole kitchen what would

you describe that is it yeah it just

sounds like you're in the zone when

you're in that state it sounds like a

very lovely state it's an altered state

of consciousness so it could be random

though cuz it's it's not like I'm

thinking about and it's just I could be

sleeping and I wake up and I go

downstairs and I bend all the spoon I've

been all the first I've been spoons a

it's like a it's a really good feeling

it's not an anger feeling it's just like

wow you know and it's so fascinating but

it could be at work it could be lunch it

it's just like a I would say

like a hot flash of just describe it but

that's why I saw you and I I thought

maybe you might know because I don't

know anyone who bends the camera a

little higher oh you already did it so I

mean I just have to say big hearing you

speak this way you you sound like a

butterfly we just discovered that she

has wings and maybe you've until now you

felt like the only butterfly in the

world but you're gonna see that there

other butterflies out there too and then

you can do some amazing things it's just

part of who you are I just don't know

what to do with it like right there's

other things like your whole list that

you have I was like yeah so I thought

maybe sorry you're gonna be here so I

thought maybe would do like you said

that remote viewing like I have people

send me envelopes with things in it and

then I answer what it is and I never

open but this is I I got scared because

my mom is with me in New York and she

comes down as I can't relate because I

can't bend it back sometimes you know

because it's so twisted like so my mom

buys all wooden spoons at this are just

what are you you know they're like we

can probably email back and forth after

this you can go to my website

go deeper but I might suggest maybe

you're a teacher and you can inspire

other people by showing them how to do

what you can do

or maybe you're a healer and you can

help people by applying this towards

healing methodology and and you don't

have to go pay for expensive training

you could just find friends who are ill

and practice on them and find your own

way because they're there's so many

different ways when it comes down to

having a loving intention to help

someone you can teach yourself to heal

other people take my own I don't know if

I'm actually gonna do it because I'm

just gonna be paying attention to you

guys but I'm just gonna put these over

here if I feel like it I might grab them

later but so for now you can don't worry

about your spoon or your fork and like

that person I was just speaking to you

hers already bent and that's the funny

thing the reality has its own timing and

so you might look down and notice that

yours is already bent or a little bent

later on it doesn't really matter but

for now we're gonna take a few moments

to just leave our ordinary state of mind

and so if you can take a comfortable

position in your chair sit on whatever

way works for you sitting your legs and

your feet are comfortable and relaxed

and your hands are in whatever relaxing

posture works for them we're just going

to shift out of our day to day a way of

being so just feel the energy on the

room and we can feel a sense of

gratitude for being here together doing

something really fun and kind of

interesting and and we're just gonna

relax and be with each other you might

notice the feeling at the top of your

head and around your skull allow your

forehead and your cheeks that become

soft feel your eyes become heavy in the

eye sockets so that your eyes

more and more relaxed and heavy you

might notice if you're clenching your

jaw or grinding your teeth and if so let

your jaw becomes soft and heavy and

loose and relaxed let that relaxation

spread down the back of your neck and

the front of your through I think you'll

notice that as your head is becoming

heavier and heavier your breathing

starts to become more and more relaxed

so does you inhale you feel you would

tell me expanding outward now when you

exhale your belly collapses ever so

gently inward it just feel your belly

and your whole torso moving as you

breathe in and breathe out back and

forth like the waves of the ocean coming

and going breathing gently and feeling

your whole body sinking deeper and

deeper down down into your chair so your

body feels more and more relaxed and

it's such an enjoyable state to be in

entering more of a feeling state feeling

the physical aspect of your body feeling

your muscles and your bones and the

weight of your body then feeling the

very subtle sensations inside your body

where is it hot or is it cold do you

feel any subtle movement and he flow

anywhere any tingling sensations for a

few moments for your left shoulder your

left arm and your left hand and fingers

breathe out and let them become loose

and heavy and relaxed and then pay

attention to your right shoulder your

right arm wrists hands and fingers

breathe in and then breathe out allow

that right side to become loose and

heavy and relaxed and I'll bring your

attention to your heart in the middle of

your chest and for a couple of moments

can you notice do you feel your

heartbeat in your chest

and you feel the gentle beating inside

and just allow your breathing to relax

more and more as you continue paying

attention to your heartbeat you feel

your whole sense of being slowing down

and settling in feel your shoulder

blades your upper back and your middle

back softening and sinking bring your

awareness down to your lower back and

the muscles around your spine there and

notice that it is your breathing and

your belly expands that you can feel

that pressure massaging your lower back

muscles at the same time so as you

continue breathing a relaxing way you're

constantly massaging your organs and

muscles naturally leading to more and

more sensations of relaxation and ease

and letting that ease and flow move down

to your hips your pelvic region down

through your thighs your knees flowing

down to your lower legs your calf

muscles down your ankles and that into

your feet and your toes as you continue

breathing normally all the stress in

your body just streams down through your

body through your legs and out the

bottoms of your feet into the earth

below just letting go let it go

he's breathing easily feeling your body

getting heavier and heavier as you

become more and more relaxed and with

other relaxation we bring our attention

inside our body you can explore inside

the centre of your belly or inside your

heart center or inside your skull just

noticing that empty open quality inside

your body and within that openness you

might sense the energy moving all these

little sensations of coming and going

and flowing

and they were just tuning into a deeper

part of ourselves into our subconscious

or a deeper self and we're also

connecting more deeply with the greater

world around us the greater

consciousness system when we're in this

state and now we're going to connect a

little more with that greater

consciousness and of course I'm just

noting a mental model who knows what's

really happening but we can just pretend

it's okay to pretend and so to connect

more deeply with this greater

consciousness system

you're gonna each choose your own color

that represents that connection so think

in your mind for a second what is a

color that represents love and

connection and manifestation what is the

color that would represent all those

three things to you there's no right


there's just the color that works for


that's great so whatever color you

chosen I want you to imagine now that

you're igniting a little point of energy

like a little flame maybe and it's just

above your head like a little ball or a

little sphere of that color right on the

crown of your head and it's like a

connection point between you and the

universe and it might be the size of a

ping-pong ball right now if it just just

focus on that color being there on your

head it's you and it's connected to the

universe and now I'd like you to imagine

that energy expanding so gets a little

bit bigger with every breath you take

imagine them as you breathe in it

inflates a little bit but that color

expands it becomes brighter and brighter

and it's not that you're expanding it

it's more as just representing your

connection with the universe and it's

getting brighter and stronger and bigger

and you can almost feel its weight

resting gently on top of your head and

it's so soothing and it's so lovely that

it's definitely getting stronger and

stronger this connecting point I'd like

you to imagine that this energy is

starting to absorb inside of you so it's

coming inside of your head filling your

brain your face and coming down through

your neck and your throat and you can

find out color also in your heart center

now so let it come down and join your

heart space filling your chest and then

spreading downward filling your your

belly region and on your pelvic region

feel that energy that connectivity

moving down into your legs down into

your feet and your toes and even moving

down angry

to the earth so we're very grounded at

the same time that we're connected with

the larger universe from your heart feel

that energy moving up through your

shoulders and out down your arms and

down to your wrists and your hands and

your fingers so this if your whole body

is filled of this lovely light this

light that represents connection

manifestation love and the power of your

intention and your connection with the

larger universe and then you can let the

higher venue expand in all directions

beyond your body filling the room and

going out beyond the room to the space

outside and so now that energy that you

feel it's not just you but it's

something more than you it's everything

really missus particular quality that

you are connected and you're ready to

send your attention to the world to

physical reality knowing that the

greater consciousness system is willing

to work with you but you have to tell it

exactly what you want I'll just be quiet

for a few moments while you keep feeling

that energy keep it bright and shining

and strong inside of you and just above

your head

okay now we're gonna go right into

trying our first attempt and bending

your spoon or fork and what I'd like you

to do is you're going to just hold it in

both hands like this I have a sample of

one in my hand just look at me and in a

moment we're I'm going to count one two

three and then I'm gonna scream Bend and

I watched I was screaming with me we're

gonna say Bend and you're gonna look

right in the middle of your fork or

spoon and you're gonna command it to bed

and what we're gonna do after you do

that is just let go just just let go the

whole project and in a few moments after

that you might test it give it a test

bench so you might bend it like this and

it's testing and if you feel like it's

giving a little bit then just keep going

just crank it just go but if it doesn't

budge for you just wait and just wait a

few moments and a few moments four

minutes after that you might notice a

shift in the room like something just

tapped you on the shoulder or on the

back of the head and saying try it out

try me now and then just go for it but

once in a while I'll say okay we're

gonna count down again and we'll all

scream together bed and will scream bad

three times this is jack did it so

before we do that before I count down I

want you to go back to feeling the

energy and the color above your head or

resting on your head feel it coming down

and now in a very strong way filling

your head your neck coming down to your

chest and moving out through your

shoulders your arms and hands and you're

holding your fork and spoon now now look

at your spoon or Fork look at it I'm

gonna count down and then we'll scream

that three two one Bend leg Bend I think

you might test if it doesn't buzz just

wait just let it go

want some music Sean oh yeah

and the thing is if anyone bends at any

point I want you to yell or scream or

laugh and everyone else I want you to

cheer them on blow it up if you bent it

and cheer yes come on up and come on up

and show and then if you got distracted

by looking at them test yours right now

because that's a great time to test

yours when you get distracted you know

review okay you hold them close if you

could when you come up if you could

lower it to the camera so that it shows

up there you go

Oh beautiful that's a beautiful spoon go

grab another one too if you oh that's a

really nice one that's great this is

happening - well we're gonna be done in

five minutes that's beautiful okay


okay that's what I got so far

yeah please grab the second line and

we're gonna do this again so when we do

this again now those of you who have

bent it in half if you get the

opportunity again see if you can just

keep going and bend it so you just keep

going and then twist it all the way

around like that

I mean I'm not you can try right now but

I'm just saying if you get the

opportunity just keep going

the funny thing that happens is when you

become successful the first time you

start bending it you might look at it

and you click back into that ordinary

conscious state of mind like you start

analyzing or going that's very

interesting what's actually happening

and then it stops some of you might have

noticed that you pay attention in a

certain way and it stops so when you

start going and moving just flow with it

just sort of you're still kind of in

this big gooey state of mind just keep

going just go as far as you can without

analyzing you can analyze this later on

tonight when you go back home then and

when you're in the process just let go

because as long as you're in on the

state of letting go it'll keep going for

you before it hardens up again so okay

so does everyone have a second piece

okay now what I like to do is we need to

raise the energy a little bit so if

everyone could stand up okay okay

pretty soon we're gonna play some music

cuz I think we need to loosen up a

little bit I'm just gonna make you laugh

a little bit so you can please lose

their sense of ego so okay so we can

loosen up it helps a great deal so let's

start over again with that visualization

of the energy above your head just close

your eyes and feel it this beautiful

color or if you want to switch your

color go forward find the color that's

right for you feel it big and bright on

your head and it's not just you it's

where you connect with your universe

with your consciousness your greater

consciousness feel it there on the hood

and then let that color come down

filling your skull down your neck and

really let it fill your whole chest and

even your belly

let it fill you you feel so bright and

lovely and strong that that feeling come

out through your shoulders

your arms and your hands and you're

holding your spoon or fork now you're

holding it up in front of you look at it

and we're gonna start counting and I

really want you to command it when you

scream so 3 2 1 band bend and and then

give it a test before it work and if

it's still hard just just hold on to it

but just let it go just let go of the

whole project and if you bent just let

everyone know and everyone should share

that person on if anyone give us a bad

we gotta celebrate it we're gonna

celebrate every time and then we're just

gonna wait but you might notice does it

feel ready to be tested again so give it

a test whenever you've whenever you feel

it from deep inside it's a very subtle

shift in the room

okay I'm looking at the two guys facing

me what they're beige colored shirts go

for it I think you're ready just Tyson

just test you're go for it yeah yeah the

guy's looking around go for it yeah you

can just bend it manually you can just

using my strength easier to bend it has

been but me now it's back to being rigid

but I mean I was I think more attuned to

attribute it to my manually doing okay

that's okay that's great so go go and

grab a fresh one then some of those are

harder to bend than others like this

one's really stiff did that just happen

oh okay go show everyone but we should

definitely all start clapping yeah show

it off that's a beautiful one it looks

like a sunflower okay so Theresa are we

ready to try something a little

different now is everyone ready for

something a little different that you

can keep standing if you want what I'd

like to do is let's try Theresa on the

tracks SNU track number five but before

you start playing here's what we're

going to do everyone's going to stand up

and I want you to feel free to move your

body a little bit to the music that on

your own you're going to do the same

visualization that I taught you and you

really want to send that energy out

through your arms into your fork or

spoon when you say bend

and you don't have to do it at the same

time but just when you're ready just go

bend and then try like testate and then

wait just let it go kind of enjoy other

people anytime any of yours bends or

that you're successful I want you to go

I did it so everyone sees you and

everyone should celebrate I want you to

clap and scream for that person and

laugh and then after you're done you

might test yours because maybe the

energy has moved over to you and then

we'll just keep going that way through

the whole song and I might say once in a

while three two one

bad and then we all scream together does

that make sense then we'll say I want

you to feel the music and you feel the

moment when you need to scream bend and

when you test it so true so when you're

ready to play that song go for it

okay and track number five is the

country-western yeah it's a little Keith

Urban so you can't hear very clearly but

at this point in the presentation I'm

having them play Keith Urban's song

never coming down and she was playing it

off of youtube but I don't want to do

any copyright infringing so I'm not

going to dub that music onto this video

so what you could do right now is while

you're watching this video watching

people bend their spoons and if you're

participating at home just go to youtube

open a separate window and play Keith

Urban's song and never coming down it's

really uplifting and happy and it moves

the energy so that'll be a great song to

use for this purpose and it worked



















okay I've turned it off

okay so who's who hasn't been told yeah


okay I gave my spoon which was really

thick to the woman next to me and she

meant it okay so you said you gave yours

so the person next to you and they bent

it yeah okay great

okay so everyone who hasn't been Thurs

I'd like you to change your wherever

you're sitting I want you to surround

yourself by people who have been there's

like your own little find two or three

people who can help you okay great so

when you're a new group everyone just

let go their spoons except for the

people who still need to bend there so

you've got your spoon and you're sort of

in the middle so that everyone can see

your spoon you just hold it like this

and I want all your teammates I'll show

you just does everyone know each other's

names just really quickly say your names

to each other in your little groups

okay so the person holding the spoon who

hasn't been through yet

everyone's gonna help you we're all

gonna help each other out now with our

mutual energy and see if this works and

what's really important is after we all

scream Bend together I want you to test

it but then really after if it doesn't

go just pause everyone should just relax

and wait but if one of your circle

members says I think it's ready just go

for it so one of someone else or the

group might say might feel it like now's

a good moment and then go for it

does that make sense that we're all

going to do this at the same time again

we're gonna start with the visualization

imagine the energy over your whole group

and it's being shared among all of you

we're all doing this together now it's

not all about it's not that all about

you it's about all of us together so

feel the energy and the color coming

down into the room inside your head and

it feels wonderful that sense of

connection and strength and intention

and connection to everything around us

coming down through your neck and your

throw it down into your heart feel your

heart fill with this beautiful loving

energy let it come down to your belly

your legs and all the way down to your

feet on the earth and continue feeling

filled with that energy that color

inside of you and also at the top of

your head and now open your eyes and

look the spoon especially the part where

you want it to bend so right between the

stem and the bowl of the spoon or the

base of the fork so you're all looking

at it and when you eventually scream

Bend I want you to send all your energy

right at that spot and will scream Ben

three times and after that is when

you'll test it

so get ready build up your energy in

your body focus on where you want it to

bend look at it carefully three two

one band band band and they go ahead and

crank on it if it doesn't go just let it

go and relax



okay so who's left who hasn't been tears

yet one two three four five okay so

surround yourself by your support group

the spoon to bend like right here it was

mousse that's tricky

so she wasn't able to bend it was it

just straighten right now

so I don't know she on camera but it's

all twisted it's amazing it's like a

wide long twist in tension setting

his audio or kinesthetic let's see I

mean you could try and focus on

generating a feeling of heat in your

body if you feel any warmth and just

send the warm thought to it or if there

is a sound that works for you that

symbolizes energy and manifestation so

it could be like a whistling sound or

like a laser beam Spacey kind of sound


yeah I don't know you can really

basically find whatever works for you

specifically experiment with different

things because words and imagery it's

all symbolism it's the language of the

subconscious mind and the language of

reality it speaks to us in symbols you

just have to spend some time

experimenting to find what is the symbol

that works for you maybe it's just a

special word or maybe you try your

favorite song the Sun that really opens

your heart and then you would just say

bed that's the right part of the song it

looks like a lot of people in the room

succeeded yes those who didn't I would

recommend take your unbent spoon or fork

home with you and on the on the drive if

you stop at a stoplight just reach over

and grab it it might be ready then or

leave it on your nightstand and before

you go to bed give it a try or if you

wake up in the middle night give it

another try again because maybe it just

needs a little more time to simmer and

consciousness system because you sent

out two requests you just need to give

it more time and maybe it'll come back

to you well just you might feel like I

think it's ready and then you just go

for it and it's ready and you might try

tomorrow that same visualization and

then just set it down on the table just

think about something else for 30

seconds and then give it a try and it

might happen that because for some

people being a roomful of other people

actually adds stress instead of adding

to the relaxation on the phone

so everybody's different I have for me

when I think I don't need to do it by

myself at home that's just hard work

this is slow way to go but that's just

how I'm wired so we have a question over

here we can see the area that it was

ready to bend we couldn't see it almost

quivering and then it was like there was

some resistance and then it wasn't gonna

let go this happened twice huh


yeah okay because one thing that could

be happening is someone in the group

might be having too many doubts they

might be thinking too logically about it

they might be trying to think about

quantum physics or how is this possible

and that kind of thinking shuts the

whole thing down well did you buy any

left handed spoons when when I teach

telekinesis one of the exercises is to

have a whole group of people focusing on

moving one piece of tinfoil and half the

time the group can succeed and they get

it to move just fine and the other time

the other half the group they don't get

any movement whatsoever

and it's something about the shared

energy there's something there and I

don't know the solution to that

sometimes it's just not quite right so

some of you might do really well when

you're by yourself and that feeling and

people around you so just don't give up

on it

keep trying eyes or other props that we

can use as beginners since this is a

scale right we're learning it

do with the tinfoil thing or with the

spoon under general sickles or any kind

of other artifacts are they well there

was I really wish I could remember his

name but there was a man I think was in

the 80s or maybe even in the 90s and he

would work with crystals and he would

hold a crystal while a guided one else

to bend a spoon and he actually did it

over the radio and so he would do

something special with the crystal and

they could feel the crystal energy and

then they would bend the spoon that

sigils can be really powerful if if you

believe in it now that's the main thing

is is it a symbol for transform

transforming reality for you and if it

is then use it for me I like

inspirational music so when you go home

choose a song that really stirs your

heart and try and do it when you're when

you're hearing that song and then this

mood might just fold over like silly

putty for you definitely use anything

and everything that comes naturally for

you or that piques your interest the

second it gets boring for you like if

you were born tonight and I tend to put

people to sleep if you were bored

that definitely kills it so you got to

keep it interesting you know find a way

to make it fun for you and that's why

doing it with a group keeps it fun and

that's really helpful that way if you

have children at home you give them this

technique and they'll take to it like

water they'll go surprise you so do it

do with your kids I've never tried that

I've never seen it and the thing too

about the metal is I think structurally

once we've bent it psychically unbending

it well I was gonna say it should have

easier but that's not true there's some

events that were really hard and

I couldn't bend them back physically so

I don't know that what you can do is if

he's bless you succeed of betting hers

try and do the same thing to bend it

back he's the same technique I think we

have one less person who gotta bend over

here in the park can you come and show

it put it in front of the camera here

good job good job so the other thing you

can do is I don't have a let's pretend

this one's not bent if you have a fork

it might over time it might continue

melting on its own or even a spoon so

just look at it once in a while

especially the times they might on their

own and just keep going slowly so here

moment might even be more or not or you

might test it again when you get home

and you might be able to bend another

one so it's kind of a mysterious process

but it's it's very cool and it is a

skill it's a technique and it's a the

skill is about getting out of your own

way so anytime you succeed it's

confirmation that you're getting better

and better at connecting with your

deeper sense of self and stepping out of

your ego and it can be a lifelong thing

and at the end you just feel so much

relieved because you know the solid

little you anymore that you know you

don't put of something bigger and

there's love and connection there and

for me anyway gives life a lot more

meaning right so I hoped and I was

beneficial for you and at least worth a

few chuckles and some blasts and

thanks for coming tonight

sigh when you're ready to bed are you

super calm or do you feel like you're

sort of charged outside you feel charged

up so in the beginning I've got us all

relaxed sorted to shift out of the

ordinary ego state right you know we

filled up with us fresh energy so that

we could really focus and it's really

just a way of strongly sending your

intent out to the universe needs a

little bit of force to it did we think

of like the typical psychic story where

the mom is been doing something and then

she's like oh my god my son is in an

accident in New York City and you know

that the mom was in a very relaxed thing

that the son was in a very charged



that's interesting since I I felt like a

lot of energy right in my gut because I

must you know I need to be really known

but then I tried it so now it's in okay

now you mentioned something earlier no I

think what we did today was all self

powered that we were the only ones

involved in this

little well then I mean for you you have

to ask like did any of them in here for

you today was just knowing that those

experiences happen to you has already

moved in your body so much this is about

belief system right smack you're already

open to this possibility this is the

first time I've done this but as far as

that goes all the stuff inside of you

yeah well thank you very much