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if only you just saw why I just did

hi guys Chris from coach my skills here

today we're going to be learning how to

bend the ball like no other than the man

himself David Beckham

it's Becca okay

the message sent across the ocean loud

and clear in my opinion David Beckham is

the master of the side foot free-kick

and today I want to try and show you

this technique so that you can do it

yourself at home now first up there is

three rules before taking these free

kicks if you're wearing a number that

number has to be either twenty three or

number seven or number thirty-two you

must be wearing added s boots simple as


do your hair like a David Beckham style

the first step that David Beckham takes

when he has a free-kick as he puts the

ball down he takes roughly seven steps

back six to seven steps and this is how

we start this run-up


roughly the angle that David Beckham

takes when he's approaching his ball is

a 90 degree angle so he approaches it

almost straight on with the goal to his

left with is using the right foot now

more commonly people approach him with

their three kids to come at an angle

about 45 degrees it's generally down to

what feels most comfortable for yourself

but in this instance I'm talking about

David Beckham's technique which we're

trying to learn today as he approaches

the ball at a 90 degree angle with the

goal face into his left the next step

Quebec was free-kick this is run up now

as he starts running you see that right

towards the end he almost jumps into the

ball with this final step so this is

almost a jump step I'll try and get that

that jump step for you to see camera

slow motion


so now that we've got the run up with

the jump step and we understand that the

next part that David Beckham does then

is technique as he his leg back

now basically what that means is he's

about to strike the ball already he's

loaded up this energy by bringing the

leg all the way up to his butt cheek and

this is what gives him the power when it

goes through so if you can imagine that

if I if I strike the ball and I'll come

closer there if I strike the ball and my

leg only starts from here and comes

through the amount of power that I

generate will be a lot less than if I

bring my leg all the way back through

and all the way there so that's what

Beckham does very well as he brings his

leg all the way up to generate that

power and it gives that fast motion that

will allow the speed and the depth to

take place

now that we've covered these three

points the first one the approach the

second the jump step and the third the

leg the fourth one that Beckham

does in his technique is as he's coming

up to the ball he tries to get his left

shoulder completely out the way and what

he's mastered is he's able to get his

arm all the way out the way in his chest

already facing the goal because that's

where he's kicking it so that's how he

gets the power when he's sitting his


now if we're talking about the part of

the foot that Beckham uses when he's

hitting his free kicks it's also

dependent on where he's wanting to put

his free-kick so for example if he wants

to put his free-kick over the wall and

try and bend it into the top corner

there he would like to use more of the

instep here called sort of the toe area

and as he's striking the ball and

getting that curve the ball will curve

and and roll off the rest of his foot so

he strikes it here makes the point of

contact here and then the ball rolled

down the boot and this is what creates

the curve and the power so he's able to

get up over the wall from that difficult

90 degree angle just want to talk to you

a little bit about the ball and a part

that he strikes as well so if we're

looking at this ball here the part that

he's going to be striking if we imagine

there's a line through the middle of

this ball if he's going to be striking

over the wall if we go below this line

and aim to the right-hand side this is

the part that he's going to be hitting

so it's this sweet spot here and what

that what that allows us allows him to

as he strike and it come across it and

really wrap his foot around so that wrap

will allow him to get the ball over the

wall and up and over into that top

corner and it's very deceiving for a

goalkeeper so this is what makes him the

master of the side foot free-kick

because the accuracy and the power that

he's able to generate and how he

manipulates the ball using his foot

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swear they're working hard to the madly

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breast implants

so guys I hope you enjoyed the video and

you've enjoyed seeing some of the

techniques there of the Beckham

free-kick take those things away learn

them give them a go and if you enjoyed

this video make sure you like it comment

and like I said if you go away and you

try these techniques tell me how they

feel tell me how it was and how it

worked for you I'll be interested to

hear and answer any questions that you

may have and don't forget to subscribe

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