Steam Bending a Shepherds Crook

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the worst by others myself

oh I'm I'm too low I'm not quite in the

center of there but I'm close enough now

you want me to

you do this by yourself before okay

that's all let me pull can't pull this

end yep you're about there aren't you

once you put the other clamp on now

haha baby making it good and these we

can actually take off cool oh that was

easiest one yet yeah well we're learning

now here's one thing that's sort of

funny but and see where this card curved

side here yep we actually indent the

wood a little bit but that's nothing I

think we can take that out when we

finish yeah I mean that's the the

solution of that would be to never call

with the curve you want yeah following

this curve that you would put in between

that it would go a little flatter yeah



America was here

cool disco better it's all tighter yeah

all the way around there it is okay