How to Bend a Coin With Your Bare Hands (The Right Way)

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hello guys the magic theory here and I

want to tell you guys about coin bending

and the right way to do it I don't see

enough people perform this effect and I

when I do it's usually performed

incorrectly so I'm going to teach you

guys the right way to perform it and a

little bit of an easier way to perform

it so let's get into that okay so I have

a quarter here and I would usually

borrow this but I don't have a spectator

to borrow off of so this is what I'm

doing okay so you can check this quarter

out if you were here it's just an

ordinary quarter and I'm going to try

something with the quarter you can see I

just bent it with no effort whatsoever

so let's find out how to do that okay so

here's the tutorial okay and when I see

most people telling you how to do this

they say stick this in a curve and then

bound top of the quarter don't do that

that what happens is you get sharp edges

and you want up getting cut and I've

done it before it's not fun which you

can do is grab two um wire cutters or

two pairs of pliers or whatever you have

and take it and bend it like that I'm

putting you should put like a cloth in

between or you should put a cloth around

the coin then grip the coin with the

pliers and bend it and it'll do it so

effortlessly and you can really play

with it and you might get a little bit

of sharpness but it's not enough to cut

you and it might look a little sloppy

but you just better clean they're really

not going to question the way it looks

so without further ado here goes this

tutorial so you're going to need to

borrow quarter and you're going to have

this Bank quarter in finger palm so you

borrow your coin and you're going to

hold you're going to do a bubble switch

but this is a bit of an alternative

bubbles with the learned off of Eric


DVD metal the first metal DVD so you

guys should go check that out it's

actually really good okay so you're

going to hold the coin and finger palm

here have this here and you're going to

slide this down with your thumb and as

you're sliding this down you're going to

let go with these fingers so the bent

coin falls into your other hand so yeah


you're sliding this down and then

dropping this out and when you do it in

one motion it'll really smooth just like

that and you're going to turn this hand

over immediately and you're going to

position it so that the coin is bent

like this because now there's two ways

you can bend this you can do what I did

in the performance which is what I

prefer to do and you cover the bent part

like this and then act like you're

bending it and you can do this fast like

I did or you can make it seem like

you're really struggling really hard and

then you can yeah it's been yeah so you

can do that or you can do but I see a

lot of people do and you're also a

little bit more likely to get cut doing

this you're going to put it on your

finger and run your thumb over but I

think that looks so stupid so it's

whatever you want to do so that's a

really simple effect but I just don't

see it performed very well usually so I

figured I'd let you guys see that and

also if you guys are now interested in

coin bending go check out Adam Wilbur's

the worker I'm not sure with part one or

two on illusionist but um you can watch

the demo video and find out and he has a

fantastic coin Bend as well some other

really creative outside-of-the-box

effects so go check that out and if you

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