How to fix replace a toilet handle / Flush lever

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hey guys so my toilet doesn't want to

flush and you may be wondering how to

fix it so you should be able to do this

and I can show you how so this doesn't

seem to work so what you can do is you

can go ahead and take this part off like

here so what it looks like is this right

here used to be connected and now it's

not connected so the toilet can flush if

I pull it up okay let's go ahead and put

it down but I need to make it so it can

flush so I want to go ahead and and do

this so this part right here needs to be

unscrewed can they see see this right

here it needs to be taken off now you

might need to it might be a tighter when

you do it so you might need to do

something like this now be be cautious

you don't want to crack the toilet you

don't want to crack the toilet when you

do this okay so let's go ahead and take

this off and replace okay so here we are

with that and let's go ahead and take

this off and then there's this whatever

I can probably go ahead and air whatever

no rush all right

let's go ahead and take this this is a

pretty simple toilet repair I've also

shown how to flush your toilet if you

don't have running water

I've done a video on that and I've also

done a video on how to change a toilet

toilet seat whatever so let's go ahead

and let's see here

so it looks like I'm going to need to

bend this a little bit like that let's

go ahead and need to sit up I don't

really want it rubbing against so I want

to go ahead and do a bend now I'm kind

of like improvising here didn't seem to

fit perfectly but that looks more to

what I want and I'm still actually might

even want it more but let's go ahead and

put this on let's see how it does okay

let's go ahead and reach in here so

let's go ahead and take this plastic

piece off now there's ah there's

different holes okay so you need to know

which one it will work so maybe let's

try this one over here first let's go

ahead and out now you may possibly have

a problem if the chain is too long and

you might go to use like a paper clip or

something maybe a piece of wire to kind

of like

if you need to let's go ahead let the

SEC repel up now some toilets you may

have to sit there and like pull it down

it's nice when you can just flip it and

it kind of goes now I want to go ahead

and tighten this up go ahead and tighten

this up I think this might have been

kind of like a universal one hopefully

that'll work so so let me go ahead and

see I want to see if it'll flush with

the lid on let me go ahead let's do that


okay it's a little plush and that thing

should fall you don't want the chain to

get like pop under okay that's good

let's go ahead and let this thing be

filling up a little bit this is kind of

cool how it works it's a float yeah so

it like kind of rises up and then a

float kind of like yeah

and you might be able to adjust it with

this but I'm just gonna happen down go

up and I want to put the lid on and then

you go ahead and do it then oh right all

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thank you so much so okay it should be

about done so now let's go ahead and

take this thing and put it on and so now

there's the old one which didn't work so

let's go ahead and see if the new one

works I put the lid on now the thing is

um now I might go in and put in I just

see like got a little bit of water came

if I wanted to see there may be water

coming from here maybe I can do

something to that but um

it does seem to work I'm even wondering

like if it would like go up like with

the thing on it like high enough right

God to do it but yeah it seems to work

and I may put in I could put in

something in here my car maybe inside it

maybe to help fill it up

Oh or maybe change this out or something

about it anyways there you guys go

that's not a change now whatever I love

it so anyways guys that is how you fix a

toilet flush lever I showed how to

change the toilet lid they have ones and

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